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  1. Hello All Has any of you guys Removed the Turbocharger units from the Audi C6 Rs6 v10 5.0 Bi Turbo 2010 model I have one in with a poorly turbo (smoking badly) Not had chance to look at it yet but reserching first with a few beers on an evening... I ve not even put it on the ramp! Is it an engine out job? Any comments will be muchly appreciated Caine www.vwtechnik.com
  2. Hello Has anyone replaced the Turbochargers on the 2010 Audi Rs6 C6 the V10 5.0litre Bi Turbo / Any comments appreciated Caine www.vwtechnik.com
  3. HELP: flickering lights

    Hi A bad or dirty/Corroded earth point on the vehicle Clean and shine up the Main battery terminals Clean and shine up the main battery to chassis points Check all of the harness BROWN connections especially the thicker wires to chassis for corrosion,cleanliness and good contact Check that the Engine/Battery to Gearbox Earth strap is clean shiny metal to metal, and a little copper slip to stop further bad contact/corrosion in the future. If the problem persists I will fix it for good Caine
  4. VW Technik Huddersfield

    Hi All If You are looking for a friendly reliable Modified VW Audi Seat and Skoda specialist that wont cost the earth (£30 Per hour labour all in) No VAT! Then look no further Service MOT work / Arrangement (Plus FAIR Testing!) Diagnostics Repairs/Welding etc Cheap Tyres/Fitting service for all those difficult Streches! Plus a MASSIVE stock of part worns for you to look at All FROM GERMANY! 5mm plus! Parts fitting service (You Bring) Club/Group Discounts available Please ask for any further enquiries ask for Caine the propreitor/Owner on 01484 768505 or 07545981722 Quotes advice help etc etc A good Background in Volkswagen (10 Years plus) City & Guilds 3 Plus HND in Motorsport engineering Give us a try! Unit 21 Albert Works Bath Street Lockwood Huddersfield Hd13QG 01484768505 www.vwtechnik.co.uk
  5. Golf 4 rear brake Conv. onto VR6 Rado

    Thanks it was the hoses and plumbing work I really wanted to shed some light on. But goodridge conversion hoses and a full rebuild kit is now all I need. Thanks again for the reply :-)
  6. Has anyone converted their Corrado rear brakes to Golf 4 items? I could do with an expert opionion on the fitment and benefits of this swap, if any.. The best flexi brakepipes/unions and basic best attachment method or the way the hardcore boys set these up sort of knowledge is what I need as the car will be at edition 38 shows etc etc and A good customer of mine has left me with one crusty set of mk 4 brakes to go on his corrado after an extensive makeover (on the calipers/carriers and piston seals!) Please help!!!!!!! Caine
  7. 6 speed box into my corrado running AMK

    I was thinking about you doing the hard bits Pete. As they say "I'm not paid to think!" do I start looking for a 6spd diesel box from a 2wd golf 4/5? Caino
  8. 6 speed box into my corrado running AMK

    Thanks Pete I will be keeping it front wheel drive. Can you advise me on what gearbox to source as I'll buy a second hand unit and have it rebuilt I think and have a LSD installed.. I'm thinking golf mk 4 diesel box?? But could do with a code to get one sourced exactly to my requirements! Caino
  9. Hi Pete you didny reply to my email @ PSI but im wondering if you have the time to quote me on fitting a 6 speed box to my Corrado running an AMK lump? Would be handy if you can reply Thanks Caine
  10. vr6 turbo WILL NOT START

    Hi would buy a cheep diagnostics reader from ebay 35 pounds or from euro car parts and plug it in and read the fault code(s) yourself theyre always good to have in the future and save you lots of time and money. alternately does any of your pals in the scene have vag com ? You can mess around checking for a spark etc for hours and poeple can tell you this that and the other! say its a crank position sensor then this is the best way to diagnose such a fault, a qquick plug in is the only way! find a local garge alterativlely and see if they will come over to you and plug it in.
  11. AMK and BAM engine codes

    Personally i would try to source an AMK ECU for that engine but check and see if the part numbers are different if they happen to be the same (i doubt it) bingo! you need some technical or pin data for both ecu's before you can establish the compatabilty and or any differences.
  12. Hey up Mat Gone but not forgoten! when this recession has been put to bed we can build something special from scratch! :D
  13. wipers cut engine out

    not good! Check the relay for the wipers is working correctly and make sure it is the correct number for the location in the 90 spec fuse box. Then if its good check the wiring from the back of the fuse box and relay is correctly wired to the wiper motor and that the earth is correctly going to ground or body, It maybe the case that the wipers are back feeding into the ignition coil earth with a positive 12v feed? if so check that the ignition coil has its correct earth path and that the wiring to the coil has not been accidently mixed up with your wiper circuit someware. Also the fusebox might be to blame?? where is or what was it from.. were there any issues with the donor vehicle it was taken from?? if you can get another 90 spec box easily try it.. Have you had to chop or splice any wiring, if so make sure that this is 100 percent and cross refer your work with both of the wiring diagrams from old wiring loom and 90 spec loom respectively pm me if you need my number and i will try to help further if you want, I always like an electrical chalenge, but the best advice is double CHECK your work