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    Veedubz and BMX's also heavy BASS
  1. another ruined golf rallye

    Loving everything about this build mate.
  2. S3-Dan's R8 build thread

    Thread of dreams!
  3. Stripping alloys

    Iv used Synthstrip before in the past, its strong as heck tho so if you do decide to get some from your local bodyshop supplier get goggles and a few sets of gloves. Nitromors just doesnt cut it now with its new formula, pffft extra strong my toosh lol You may need a few coats of synthstrip tho as your wheels will no doubt have a top coat and paint/powder. I have been known to get some wheels dipped tho depending on the layers needing removed. Synthsrip cost me £30 for a tub (cant think of size atm) but iv done 4 sets of alloys 17" the smallest and about 5 bmx f+f and lots of smaller car/bmx parts.
  4. Rocker cover rocks mate. Looks like chrome. I spy d fox
  5. Ah ok I used autosol on a rag to polish my badges. Start off softly first and just work it in untill it starts to move the scratches then get faster for the shine. Iv never tried plastic polishing before this and still got quiet a good shine.
  6. Thats the tube peek which i use instead of Autosol THEN after that i use the liquid peek that is in a TIN type container. That video is what i was saying, i dont use the first mop either and im sure a grinder is just the same as a drill just depends on what your comfortable with i guess. Remember you have to make it look worse before it can get better ;-)
  7. I think OPS on here sells Mothers mate? I only use a drill and i polish upto 2000 wet then use 2 stages not useing the 1sst stage as i find its going backwards from 2000. I only use green and blue soaps which makes a nice shine if not perfect but very close. Im no pro and only done a few sets of wheels and bike bits for me and freinds. Done a set today so ill post pics tomorrow. I like Peek polish over autosol tbf and the type in the tin is less harsh to the tube type.
  8. I managed to polish mine up buy sanding and metal polish by hand. I wouldnt sand too hard as in the dimples if you go to low its got a goldish metal.
  9. EP3 Civic Type R

    Nice results and good stage by stage write-up with handy tips.
  10. peat_yt mk2's 3.2 to 3.6 build thread

    Utter porn! This is just outstanding. If my numbers come up on Saturday you will be having a pm lol

    I really need to start coming to this again never caught up much @ mivw, but it was great to see you there guys
  12. On the way to US Bora

    Nice and good work on the mods So are you smoothing the boot badge or not? I like the smoothed look but also it will look good with the badge Nice pictures also mate and welcome to the padded forum

    Hi guys been a while Tony the golfs on the road again so ill see if anyone wants to journey out for a catch-up westwood
  14. Oli's Mk3 Golf GTi Progress Thread.

    Looking hot Oli Moving along quickly.

    ^^i spoke to him, nice guy sweet bug. I think i remember rightly he is american