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  1. MK1 Polo G40

    What do people reckon to getting this to hill climb spec? Pretty tempted to give it a go. Anyone have any advice? Cheers
  2. MK1 Polo G40

    Yeh I got told they were either from a 911 or a 944. Either way I think there ace.
  3. MK1 Polo G40

    Alot of thinking, chopping of front panel and grill had to happen but nothing major. Had a plate made so charger outlet points up. Had a custom made front mount intercooler and rad to fit in the small space. But from the front there's no massive holes in the grill, (its a later mk1 so has a deeper front grill) Craig
  4. MK1 Polo G40

    Been a long time since I posted on here, but i've finally got my polo back out of storage and hoping to get a few niggles sorted out and it back on the road, but please see photos, excuse it being dirty has been in the garage for 2 years. Had it since 2008/2009 and its changed a lot. Whats everyone think? Craig
  5. t4 2.5tdi cutting out after starting - opinions please.

    nope no warning lights on dashboard. tried giving it more glowplug action, switching ignition on and off. made no difference, you give it a bit of throttle and cuts out, cuts out even if you dont too. cheers
  6. hey all. right got a t4 2.5tdi van, went to it this morning, started fine yesterday. This morning, went to start it, nothing just clicked once. After trying to jump it off and hitting starter motor a little, it started, but as soon as it runs it cuts out straight away. Obviously starter is now working to get it started but anyone had this problem before why it cuts out again? Read about ignition switch/starter/relay. But what would anyone suggest? cheers craig