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  1. 3pc wheels refurbishment in midlands

    Pureklas in coventry. Did a lovely job on my RM's.
  2. After a local wheel refurb company, any ideas? BBS RM's, cheers
  3. 1988 polar silver mk2

    No doubt this will be my fave mk2 when done. Love it
  4. Tosh's Corrado VR6

    Engine bay post detail, tres happy Might bin the reverse mount and go gold, thoughts??
  5. Tosh's Corrado VR6

    Chatted with a v helpful guy at Gaz, so going this route for the coilovers. They can offer an ultra low kit and other custom options re damping rates etc
  6. Tosh's Corrado VR6

    So had Flawless detailing out to give the car the full treatment. Pics really don't do justice, amazing results. 2 stage machine polish, has really brought the paint up, can't reccomend them enough. Got hold of some g23 adapters through eBay for the wheels. 20mm and 30mm so fairly confident they should work. Gagging to get them on, but really need to get the car on coilies beforehand. Pics
  7. Tosh's Corrado VR6

    yeah not sure if I'm convinced either, will give them a try
  8. Tosh's Corrado VR6

    So got these. RC 041 7.5x17 just been refurbed in chrome powdercoat, polished lips reversed mounted. Hoping they're gonna fit ok, got some 20mm and 30mm adapters to pick up this weekend. I believe they're et 41 so maybe et 51 with the reversing??
  9. Tosh's Corrado VR6

    Yes mate, was for sale on here. It's a clean car, got it booked for paint correction and full detail next week, and need to sort a couple of minor dings too. Can see myself trying to squeeze a bit more HP out if I can. Guess we're talking cams, manifold etc
  10. Tosh's Corrado VR6

    Thought I'd share my new purchase with tinternet....Fsh, 3 owners Vr6 Corrado. Always fancied one of these, just never got round to it. Can't believe it took so long after driving one, what's not to love. Awesome sound, handle great, and still a cheap car. Days of engine swaps etc are behind me, so these really make sense as a fun weekend car with maybe the odd track day thrown in. Picked it up 2 weeks ago and she's already been into Stealth Racing for work. New 3 box full Jetex system, Bmc induction kit, Ecu remap and a full service. Happy to report making 215hp and Vince commented on what a well sorted car it was. It really sounds rather pleasant at full chat now! Pics Already picking some wheels up for it next week and coilovers next on the list, thinking KW or Avo's. T
  11. corrado Vr6 coilovers

    Hi, best price on KW V1 and Weitec Gt please for my Corrado Vr6, I understand the KW are on offer? Thanks
  12. Corrado Vr6 coilovers

    Hi, best price on Kw V1 and Weitec GT please for corrado VR6, thanks. I understand Kw are on offer??
  13. Fastmonkeys New Ride - 3dr MK3 GTI 8V

    Hello mate, how's things? Hard to stay away too long eh? You going old school or should I expect another 'R'?