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  1. Currently driving a skoda octavia estate. my last car was a polo 9n diesel that i ran some bilstein coils on. I've had them sat gathering dust for well over a month now as no one wants to buy them. I was wondering if it would be possible to run them on my skoda as from what i can see, they will fit. only issue i can think of is weight.
  2. I like cherry's

    oooop! whats going off here then?
  3. stuckeys MK4 golf

  4. I like cherry's

    fk coils everything removed front and back!
  5. I like cherry's

    Had a day of polishing with stuckey ahead of elsecar tmo. Thought itd be rude not to do a little whoring.
  6. I like cherry's

  7. I like cherry's

    Wound the front down all the way i like how it sits now borrowed an slr of a mate, just getting to grips with it.
  8. I like cherry's

    Yeah going elsecar mate. Wheels are now on along with spacers 20mm up front and 30's out back, not sure if more lows are needed but this would involve spring modification on the back. Let me hear your thoughts.
  9. I like cherry's

    Cherries and cream?? Whore!
  10. I like cherry's

    Weekends are best dude Saturday afternoons or sundays.
  11. I like cherry's

    Small update of what I've been upto... Running some temp pepperpots while i refurb and colour code my standard setup. Also made a manifold for a friend who's running bike carbs on an ABF, and a few pics of some more of my work.
  12. Painting engine

    inlet and rocker powdercoat then the block in a high temp paint.
  13. I like cherry's

    NO helpers dude ''/ she's doing well having fun with her. My names Ben and i never went to garforth.
  14. I like cherry's

    i cant remember exactly somewhere between £400-500. its a while since iv done one.
  15. I like cherry's

    As for wheels im thinking along the lines of some colour coded flatface or monoblock style merc wheels as the front end looks like old style e class with the twin lights so would be a little quirky.