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  1. mk1 golf air ride hard line sizes? info needed!

    If you're going under the car I'd say 1/4" due to easier to mount, plus they are more than fast enough on a mk1 as said above. 3/8" line would be more like a fuel line size, which if it got struck by anything would be open to damage I'd say. 1/4" being more like a brake line size.
  2. Airlift V2 Missing the Mark.

    It's a pressure based management so will always have these issues as physics is fighting against it, some bag styles make it spaz out worse than others too. But, play around with the settings and get used to it and it's easily livable with, just need to get used to it. But it can be annoying
  3. 312mm brake question

    I'm pretty sure the caliper carrier mounting to the hub is different, Polo essentially being Mk4 golf, not Mk5. I could be wrong though. As for the caliper's themselves, I'd assume they'd be again the same, for each platform, not just all the same. Different discs offsets etc maybe? Again not 100%
  4. Air Compressors killing ecu

    Are you meaning the Engine ECU? Not the air ride's ECU? That'd probably help. What car is it? A lot of the Mk5 platform VW's have bad engine bay earth points which as RJ says would easily cause issues.
  5. Corrado G60 Temperature Gauge Issues

    They're pretty simple to be honest. From underneath there's a power steering pump bracket that bolts up to the edge of the block next to the sump edge. Remove this and you'll see the plastic elbow to the lower rad pipe. The thermostat is behind here. Easy way to test it is in a pan of boiling water, get it up to temp and see if it opens. They are known for causing this issue and if it's a few years old then I'd get it swapped. It's also well worth changing the plastic elbow too! They're common for cracking and if used with a new seal tend to no seal properly. We keep all this in stock too
  6. Airlift V2 problem

    Possible, thought AirLift had ironed those issues out. http://www.airliftperformance.com/support/contact/ Give AirLift a shout direct, send them a pic of the serial number sticker on the manifold too and see what they say They're very helpful!
  7. Air ride copper hard lines

    You can't help some people for trying though
  8. Sealing up an air tank... Help please :(

    Yeah you've got a problem then for sure. As above, think you need someone who knows air a little better to look at it for you
  9. Sealing up an air tank... Help please :(

    How long does it take to 150psi tank pressure? If it's struggling to build pressure I'd say the check valve is playing up if you're sure there's no leaks from tank fittings. The check valve you've linked would work, but it's 1/2BSP which is a huge thread size, so you'd need to convert it from 1/2BSP to 1/4NPT, which will cost as much as a normal check valve anyway. Our SMC valves are female on both ends, but you can add on the male-male threaded fitting to join it to the tank, the normal Viair leader line threads into the other end once the Viair check valve is removed. http://www.bagriders.com/modlab/tech/install_manuals/bag_riders/bag_riders-autopilot_v2-management_instructions.pdf Scroll down that link and it shows you
  10. Universal Air Aerosport Bags

    We supply UAS bags too, what model are you after? Cheers
  11. Golf mk2 airride set up

    Compressors depend on tank size too, most are rated to a 4 or 5 gallon tank. So if you only run one compressor I'd say use a 4 gallon tank. Dual comps obviously half the tank fill time. But the bigger the compressor the lower the fill time. I've found Viair 444c's to be very good from the Viair range. But the Air Zenith OB2 is one hell of a compressor too and puts any Viair to shame really.
  12. 17inch wheels and brakes

    I've just put 312mm TT brakes on the front on my Fabia, running 17" NUE's ET30. Measured up from Porsche 4 pot Brembo's that people commonly use and measured you need approx 55mm from the disc surface to back of the spoke. But it completely depends on the wheel design, even wheels with same offset, one might fit, one might not. You're best measuring and being sure
  13. Golf mk2 airride set up

    It's generally Firestone or Goodyear who make air bags for AirLift. But any brand is usually to the same standards. Just don't go for a 'custom' kit or bag over coil style. Usually poor quality and prone to leaks/splits. This is why air has a bad rep, from the early days and people bodging things to make them fit or work with out them actually fitting that well. Purpose built kits, AirLift or HP Drivetech for example and serious bits of kit and as long as everything is fitted correctly you'll have no issues and have a suspension set up not many coilovers will get close to competing with.
  14. Identify this stainless manifold

    Yeah as RJ says, mk1 8v for sure
  15. A Question To Those With Bags..

    The elbows were dropped by AirLift as once they're removed the "bite" marks made by the PTC fittings in the manifold damage the plastic, this in turn when re-fitted can easily damage the o-rings in the manifold. Which it sounds like you have done. I'd cut the elbows off your air line and try and get the air line directly into the manifold, this may sort it but I wouldn't be too hopeful, it might be new manifold time Or strip it and get new o-rings in, but the AirLift V2 mani's are a complete PITA to strip!