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  1. L3AAH's new Bus - 2014 2.0 Touran Sport

    Mega mate!! Love u have so many wheels to try aswell!
  2. Love those front seats fella!
  3. mk1 t plate florida blue

    Have some faith !
  4. mk1 t plate florida blue

    Jon was in dispute with mv astraman , did he have any luck?
  5. mk1 t plate florida blue

    thats how l felt about him he comes across genuine! Plus l feel stupid as he thinks he's got away with it!
  6. mk1 t plate florida blue

    I feel the same way I had only been Down there 2 weeks before an mick told me (my car is next) an everything seemed fine! Thing was the place was rammed with cars. I am not really happy to just let it lie as my money is hard worked for for someone just to go bump! Plus my car still needs doing an l am 18 months down the line gasping to drive it!
  7. mk1 t plate florida blue

    I got the same letter as ollie by the sounds of it, I dought there is much chance of anybody getting money or bits back l don't think,especially the amount of dept he's obviously in an owes. Anybody heard from the receivers yet?
  8. That's what vw's are about lads great times!
  9. mk1 t plate florida blue

    I'm Ben just seen this, I went down after ollie gave me the heads up on what's happened. Luckily although money down they hadn't taken anything out at all! Did you guys get a letter explaining?
  10. Mk1 build

    Looks like your putting in some serious hours looking really good! Keep it up.
  11. Got to be the best car show video

    Some amazing cars!!!
  12. That white mk1 on those Maserati rims

    Proper tidy mate! You should be well pleased with yourself!!
  13. Mk1 golf driver R

    Cannot believe you stripped this back down, looked amazing!! so much attention to detail keep it up.
  14. Mk1 jetta coilovers

    Hi can you tell me how much for a set of AP coilovers for a y reg mk1 jetta? Many thanks ben
  15. abf conversion into a mk1

    I have been told u could use the manifold from the mk3 an weld too the O2 but is that true?? Thanks