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  1. Drilling a hole to be threaded

    nah M12 is a 10.2, if its standard pitch.
  2. Reanult wheels on a caddy

    if the centerbore is larger than the VW one just use spigot rings. double check the et of the wheels too. if they are really high you may have issues with catching the front coilovers or the handbrake cables on the rear
  3. nice clean example there. im up the road in sandbach. drive a bright green mk2 caddy. flash if you see me
  4. Inca van....

    awesome work as always
  5. Static Sunday: Manchester 8th September!

    what time does it start?
  6. Help with wheel identification

    look cool.
  7. anyone get any pics of my green mk2 caddy?
  8. Accurate way to measure stud pattern.

    pritty sure wheelwhores make one.
  9. Klutch wheels

    dub unite or dub unit?
  10. Repaint costs

    where ollie?? im going to see a chap in a few weeks, if you've not had it done by then ill let you know what this chaps like. hes up in bury. will okeefe recommended him if you know who he is.
  11. Repaint costs

    ollie, take a load of pics and email them over to a few painters. It will give them a better idea. I emailed reflex on here and they were great regarding emailing back an estimate ect. obviously its an estimate, not a quote. but it will give you an idea. explain the situation to them in as much detail as your happy to disclose.
  12. I hit a sunk'n manhole cover :(

    find a low car friendlier mechanic then lol
  13. I hit a sunk'n manhole cover :(

    maybe subframe or have you have broke an engine mount. only one way to tell... get it in the garage
  14. Rubber mats

    i used to spray the poo out of them with silicon spray. shiny as flip, but couldnt keep my feet in one place. LOL
  15. coilover not low enough?

    turret raise lol