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  1. My Mk5 Gti

    sits nice on the helios!
  2. Tornado Red MK5 GTI. Mildly Modified

    bright silver wheels will look so amazing! interior seems lush
  3. hmm interesting. *Looks for jetta bumper*
  4. Good to see you done the work yourself. How did you manage to fit the front bumper?
  5. Another Mk5 with alphards!

    I dont need to argue with you. Your reputation speaks for itself.
  6. Another Mk5 with alphards!

    Nice new wheels. I was interested in the same ones from IM 'the timewaster' MARK, agreed the deal and he flopped last minute. Should look good on yours. What tyres you going to run?
  7. My Graphite Blue Mk5 Golf

    Is that it??
  8. My Graphite Blue Mk5 Golf

    Looks good. Anymore plans??
  9. Plummer's mk5 build

    good tidy job with the air tank installation. Im going to be the millionth person to say "cant wait to see how this looks when finished'.
  10. Silver Mk5 Gti

    Nice, look forward to seeing the fat fives. I got a set of fives on my mk5 at the moment too.
  11. 9NINOs MK6 Polo

    Thanks,taken by me
  12. Edition 38 X pictures by Koosh Photos

    Didnt see your mk5 at edition...?
  13. Jazz Blue Mk4 - now BaGGinG!

    Saw this last nite on the A12 just before mile end, new engine wasnt hanging around! Sounded proper FATTTT too!
  14. Project Chiken Wire

    Pictures dont do this car justice....looked amazing in the flesh yesterday!!
  15. purple 9n polo TURBO build

    New wheels are the ones!!