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  1. My mk2 golf beast!

    Ive got a brand new grill exactly the same, what you be willing to swap?
  2. My mk2 golf beast!

    Just an update, im going to be doing alot of work on my mk2 over the next few weeks so will keep you posted. things ive got planned: Adding a set of bike carbs A full custom stainless exhaust brand new coilovers Girling 60 brake upgrade two tone the car with the whole bottom in satin black
  3. Dirty derv

    for sale in for sale section
  4. Dirty derv

    yea good eye. i have 215 35 18 on the front and 225 40 18 on the rear. i prefer it this way
  5. Dirty derv

    its actually tropical orange, smooth bumpers and spoiler next
  6. Dirty derv

    few up to date pics
  7. Dirty derv

    swainy i tryed getting hold of you all last weekend as you was selling them coilovers, no worries i got some now. yea im from Grainthorpe on the coast.
  8. Dirty derv

    no i didnt take the arb out, i got it as low as i wanted it, then i got some adjustable drop links and played about with it for an hour until it just pulled the arb over the shaft, it rubbed a little after that, then saw how shot my wishbone bushes were, after fitting the wishbones, shes fine, very very slight rubbing going around a right hand bend but it will soon wear down lol
  9. Dirty derv

    Hi all, ive recently bought myself a mk4 tdi, heres how she was when i bought it 1 day later i saw some Lamboghini gallardo reps for sale on a vw forum after putting them on realised it needed slamming so of i went to huddersfield and picked up some coilovers, had hell of a time with getting it right without the anti roll bar grinding on the driveshaft, but heres how she is now. Pics arnt great but i will be treating her to a couple more nice bits and pieces the next couple weeks so will keep it posted, cheers
  10. My Audi A3 8P

    this is a nice car
  11. My mk2 golf beast!

    yea gud stuff fella, anymore people from lincs?
  12. My mk2 golf beast!

    cheers fella, im running a 2.0 16v seat ibiza cupra lump
  13. My mk2 golf beast!

    Hi all, Im Jamie from North Somercotes, Lincolnshire Ive just bought this mk2 golf from my good mate (piker1986) on here As you can see shes had some extensive work, all which i did while he owned it heres a few piccys cheers for looking
  14. Yellow peril!

    haha, got a good mix of comments there lads!! Yea gonna have to rethink the colour, and atm im thinking VW candy white, maybe some 18" or 19" matt black bbs ch's, bigger brake conversions front and rear, maybe a little lip spoiler off an E46 m3 beemer or similar
  15. Yellow peril!

    hey guys n gals, ive not posted on her for a while due to owning a few jap cars, but now im back in the dubbing scene!! just got myself a bora (the yellow peril) take a gander and keep in mind shes a blank canvas, ive got some plans for the old gal, ill keep you posted on my updates thanks for looking