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  1. Silverstone classic

    Yeah. Never been before and I've got to say it looks excellent. Plus status quo on Saturday night too haha
  2. Audi A4 B6 S-Line Avant

    I have a saloon Quattro version in silver. I do love it but it's painfully slow. Definitely worth investing in some decent suspension too, I found the stock s-line set up really hard and uncomfortable, so changed to ap coilovers which made a massive difference. Other than that looks like a really nice car for the year, and the colour is lovely
  3. Wheel spacers for 2001 audi rs4

    Thanks for that man. I'm the mate ^^^ that he was discussing it with.
  4. Quick answer needed please...

    Haha. Thankyou
  5. Quick answer needed please...

    Surely you mean 66.6?
  6. Quick answer needed please...

    2009 Audi A4. 57.1mm centre bore?
  7. Audi S2 N300

    Awesome car. Been in a mildly tuned one of these a few years back and loved it. I have a friend who's also currently building a big power one too.
  8. 1st VW show for a show virgin?

    Stonor park/
  9. Borbet wheels

  10. Borbet wheels

  11. Borbet wheels

    Anyone on here running borbet bs? I have a set on my a4 and I'm 99% sure the metal valves are knackered. Just wondering if I could change them for rubber valves?
  12. My S4

    Think my b6 is going to have to make way for one of these
  13. Brilliant Black B6 A4

    Needs a front plate recess delete too. If you find one let me know where you get it from as I want one for mine too
  14. Good stuff man. Love to see people doing their own builds. Gotta say I would have chosen a different colour aswell, but each to their own. Any more plans for it? Looking forward to seeing what you do with the mk1 also
  15. Brilliant Black B6 A4

    What is this black headlight mod you speak of?