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  1. Any MOT testers on here

    I removed the ARB in my MK4 and the MOT station where very close to failing it, they rang VW in the end and apparently it wasn't fitted with one from the factory! Haha But he was Hot on it missing.
  2. Ross-Tech HEX-CAN Upgrade

    Does that cable work with newer Canbus vehicles? I have a similar looking cable which doesn't but if that one does I'm going to get it ordered! Cheers
  3. Audi A6 Build

    So much love for this! How does the ride compare to stock? Recently picked up a C6 Avant and liking the silky smooth ride, Air ride is the only way I'm going to keep it I'd have thought...
  4. audi a6 part number

    Would these also fit a facelifted 4f/c6(09 plate)? Cheers!
  5. My T5

    Cheers guys! It's racking up the miles and earning it's keep, not so clean now!
  6. My T5

    Don't think so just sold them on, I only know one place that'll touch 19'' and do it properly to correct the offsets etc
  7. My T5

    Little update as Van's back to Daily duties! Had new Camshaft/DMF Kit etc etc fitted recently, One follower was starting to go so caught it nice and early and taken the small momo wheel off as need to see the clocks really... Anyway pictures!
  8. Audi A6 Build

    If this is even half as good as the Bora it will be epic!
  9. My T5

    Cheers all! Steelies are Rangy sport space saver's, for some reason t5's are 5x120 so limited wheel choice really. They are banded to the width you fancy, then the face is shifted to get the ET where you want it
  10. My T5

    It's been a while! So the air's and it's siting nicely on some Banded 19's now, still some interior bits to finish & a smidge more lows but it's getting there!
  11. Try bleeding the tap thingy on the bottom of the fuel filter. Filter could mainly be full of water, worth replacing eitherway.
  12. Sealing up an air tank... Help please :(

    That's quiet a quick leak, fairy liquid is your friend first
  13. Bora pd130 help needed!

    Sooted up turbo vains possibly...
  14. 1.8T Starting, then cutting out. Help a girl out here!

    Had the same in the misses 1.8t beetle. Disconnect the battery for 5 mins or so, Solved it for us. Try the spare key as well. It first started when the battery started to die (in the car), Now very rarely does it when left ages... A RAC chap came out first time, Wound down the window and put key in - Then disconnect the battery for 10mins. Apparently reconnects the key? A common fault so he said..
  15. My T5

    So might as well keep this updated Crappy photos though Got me a Momo Team 380 and also replaced the lower plastics with some newer/scratch free jobbies Also a set of Startline Caravelle seats which suit the van colour nicely And got the back seats/rails etc ready to go in, We are expecting a 'new arrival' so safety has become a top priority.... Also starting to build up an air kit, Have the front shocks & rear bags but just need time to build brackets etc and get the management