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  1. brad mole's mk1 golf project

    Sorry theres been no progress for a LONG time, nothing has happened with the car in terms of progress, quite the opposite, parts got broken while moving the car around and i stole bits for other cars so its in a bit of a state. Ive had the car stored for ages until i bought a house and built a garage so eventually got that done and got the car home, but ive just been so busy on the house and had no time for the car, so its just been sat there. but now the house is taking shape i get to move back onto the car when i have spare time (which isnt very often)
  2. Mk1 GTI 16v turbo....

    thanks for the detailed reply bud well i did buy a load of turbo bits for mine with the intention of doing that, but then i lost interest in the car and didnt have time or money to continue really, and the car wasnt even running, but now ive got it in the garage getting looked at and im wondering if its worth looking into the turbo idea again as it wont be me whose doing it, i just need to know what sort of cost its gonna be and how many bits im missing lol, but seems i need alot more than i have (which i guessed would be the case)
  3. Mk1 GTI 16v turbo....

    very nice mate, where did you get the new inlet from, it looks amazing! and also do you have all the bits required for the turbo conversion? just wondering if you knew exactly how many extra bits are needed out of curiousity?
  4. brad mole's mk1 golf project

    i think it could be the throttle body/manifold, i might get hold of another one and try that on then see how it goes from there as my inlet manifold has a nacked thread so the throttle body might be leaking air i dont know?
  5. brad mole's mk1 golf project

    nope still not running, ive not done anything more to it since u were round a year or so ago haha. aye i got them off DNE, only wanted them for the tyres really so i can put them on my split rims
  6. brad mole's mk1 golf project

    i cant actually remember exactly where i was stuck now, as ive not touched the car in ages, ive just been storing it and trying not to think about it for now as i have no where to keep it at the minute anyways. from what i remember i had issues with the radiator leaking water from the pipes and boiling over the cap, and overheating. then as well as that the car was idling fine but when i went to drive it there was barely any power at all, ive got a feeling theres an ait leak somewhere, possibly the throttle body as one of the bolts that holds it to the inlet manifold is rounded and just spins, i wonder if that could cause such a lack of power? heres a pic of my wheel choices at the minute as an excuse for an update wheels by bradmole, on Flickr
  7. brad mole's mk1 golf project

    thanks for the help guys, il give yous a shout if i decide to progress on it, for now its staying tucked away for a bit, il collect some parts then we can give it a go at getting it running again maybe
  8. brad mole's mk1 golf project

    we just do woodwork mostly, but our cnc machine can cut aluminium too so im gonna teach myself to use it and design some vw centre caps no more updates unfortuantly...well except this one i took on my phone moving it from one garage to another a few weeks ago brad moles mk1 golf by bradmole, on Flickr
  9. Murph's Mk1 Gti Lhd TFSI K04

    i could be interested in the engine conversion, or parts from it if you split
  10. Murph's Mk1 Gti Lhd TFSI K04

    you have some nice bits there, and make it look so easy putting it all together. well done man, id love to have some of those parts you have there!
  11. Mk1 Golf project - ABF on twin webers

    looks like a very nice car this with some great potential, nice work man!
  12. Mk1 golf driver R

    WOW! just re read from last time i looked last year, this was my favourite car at VW fest and cant believe whats gone into this since then, it looked absolutely perfect then and didnt think it could get any better but it just has, cant wait to see this again this show season!
  13. polo 6n 1.0 misfire on idle

    vacuum lines all seem ok, looks like this is gonna take a while to figure out, any more suggestions?
  14. polo 6n 1.0 misfire on idle

    ok mate il check that out asap, cheers
  15. polo 6n 1.0 misfire on idle

    Hi, ive recently bought a 6n polo 1.0, since i got it its had a misfire when idling, it drives fine but just when sitting on tickover its lumpy, its just as if its about to stall with the revs spluttering up and down, i just find it strange how it drives spot on except for this. ive googled it and found alot of suggestions but just thought someone may be able to narrow down the problems for me to save spending lots of time and money getting it looked at, ive tried cleaning the throttle body but its still the same, dizzy connections all seem ok too thanks