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  1. My B5 RS4

    Cheers fella, 22 now though! Hence why its time for a change to something different
  2. cuprachris mk3 ibiza cupra

    Needs pictures of the seats! gonna look amazing.
  3. brad mole's Lupo GTI

    Mmmmm, lovely colour! I think the wheels look a little like wheel trims though
  4. The new beasty - Audi A1

    I'm a big fan of the A1's. Fantastic little cars.
  5. My Daily Mk3 Ibiza Cupra!

    Lovely Lovely car. I loved my Ibiza! Same colour too, I'm tempted to buy another as a daily
  6. RS6 plus # 126

    Hope you lot have fun and stay safe out there! Hoping to join you lot next year. Enjoy!
  7. Audi S3 8L Daily

    Seats look amazing fella!
  8. Kent's Loop GTi

    Lovely lupo fella.
  9. Finance Stance

    Vick. :wub:
  10. My B5 RS4

    I'm not sure whether i want to go for the policed lip, especially if the centres will be a dark colour. I feel there may be to many conflicts of silver going (Car, mirrors etc) I'm in no rush to get these done to be honest, i have other more important things to get done first. Ofcourse i will get the adaptors and tyres to get them to fit but other than that it's not a priority. I'll do something with the rears, they'll remain the same but will probably be treated to a lick of paint. Thanks for all the comments, input would still be great.
  11. My B5 RS4

    I said nothing out of the ordinary..So heres a set os 20x10 speedlines. Need a good refurb so if anyone could give me some suggestions to what colour? Fronts look like they fit a little better! It was like christmas!
  12. My B5 RS4

    Nothing out of the ordinary Some proper pictures tomorrow! Whether they're going to go on i don't know! It would be nice if they fitted.
  13. My B5 RS4

  14. John's Bora on Ch's.....

    Loving that fella! Wheels work really well!
  15. My B5 RS4

    Update.. Wheels bought! Just have to wait for them to be delivered and then get refurbing! 20"x10". Its gonna be some work to get these to fit!