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  1. Played out Gen 4

    Lower it.

    over rated.
  3. 2007 Polo GTi

    Raise it and make it a million horse power
  4. Oooooh a white golf

    could never live with that wallpaper, proper did my eyes in.
  5. 2007 Polo GTi

    there seems to be a lot of pieces missing from the car, maybe this is why it doesn't work? HTH.
  6. TYP 19C .. Early MK2 GTI

    possibly sunday? heard a bit of a rumble and turned to see you pulling in. was gonna take a pic but my phone wouldn't zoom in enough
  7. TYP 19C .. Early MK2 GTI

    saw you pulling into the mountain top cafe thing earlier this week. i was walking over the mountain. just sayin'
  8. Oldskools mk3 - FOR SALE

    shame they aren't 18's, 5x114.3 and free.
  9. Jake's Bora Project

    then he can lower the back too. looking good man, love these wheels.
  10. TYP 19C .. Early MK2 GTI

    Lump of a lad like you should be able to turn the collars by hand? Get ya hulk on.
  11. TYP 19C .. Early MK2 GTI

    My car is cleaner.
  12. mk2 bodydrop

    Ryan, no one wants to see this finished so lets stop now and you can do the same to my mk4 instead
  13. :hMd:

    what company would say that??
  14. My Mk4

    In for pics.
  15. Oldskools mk3 - FOR SALE

    at least i got to drive it one time. funnily enough it was at UD's last year