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  1. In need of a can of Lhasa green paint

    get mine from local car shop they mix paint. or my local halfrauds they mix it
  2. Wheel refurbs; split-rims and polishing

    as above^
  3. dubs at the park

    ever been before any good? much watercooled stuff or is it more aircooled. this sunday
  4. GTI FEST 2016 POD

    sun is out great day for some strip action see you at the pod
  5. GTI FEST 2016 POD

    gates open 9am
  6. GTI FEST 2016 POD

    if your into cars going up and down silly hair cuts and everyone saying bro then NO if u like cars getting used for what they intended for ragging up the strip YES. and u can buy parts from autojumble for cash NO FINANCE
  7. GTI FEST 2016 POD

    gti fest 17th april pod.
  8. The bane of my existence

    sorry but not feeling the wheels
  9. Players Classic - 13/06

    just read last years thread will be the same just more finance
  10. Stonor Park, May 31st

    hope to be there with mk2 in the for sale section
  11. thought it was poor vag turnout
  12. GTI SPRING FESTIVAL 12/04/2015

    not long now.
  13. interior trimmers

    cheers stu will give them a look up
  14. interior trimmers

    whats that harv a secret code