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  1. We have booked up for this year. I can't wait, I've never been to anything like this before (Just MIVW last year) so I'm super excited. Booked from 2nd-9th in a hotel with a great location. It's part of a 3600 mile road trip but Worthersee is going to be the main event.
  2. MIVW 2014

    Awesome. Thanks man, this is the first time I've been on the tunnel, ever - so I've no idea what it's like.
  3. MIVW 2014

    All booked up on the Euro Tunnel and booked the regular tunnel rather than the 'high car' tunnel. Realistically, what is this like? My car has quite a wide track and I don't fancy curbing my wheels.
  4. dark red girl car

    As far as I am aware the net optic was only available on Boras and Mk4 Variant. Alex, let me know which one of these three you need.
  5. Sorted. Please delete.
  6. I recently purchased some OEM Xenons for my A6. They didn't come with bulbs or ballasts. I have managed to source the ballast but the bulbs is where my issue lies. The correct bulbs for my headlights are D2S, however- all of the D2S bulbs I can find are just the bulb, and not the igniter base. I can find many D1S bulbs which have the igniter base included with the bulb. I only have the connector in my headlights which is small and rectangular, that appears to plug into the base on the D1S, unlike the bulb fitting of the D2S which is round. My question is, can I use D1S bulbs, or will it not work? Failing that, can anyone recommend me somewhere to purchase D2S bulbs with bases? Thanks!
  7. dark red girl car

    Can't get enough of this.
  8. Hello. I don't normally ask for help with a lot of things but this is just giving me a huge headache. I have a 2006 A6 which is an S-line and originally came with the S-line bumper which has foglights in the lower grills. I recently purchased an S6 bumper which does not have the fog lights in the grills, but instead comes with LED daytime running lights. The fogs are standard H7 bulbs. The whole bulb system is wired with CANBUS, so I get warning messages on my dash telling me my fogs dont work (because they aren't plugged in.) I have the wiring for the DRL's, which are 12v. I also have the existing foglight plugs and I have made some wires which plug into the H7 connectors and have two wires coming off them. I need to wire these two together but I need to keep the resistance correct so my error messages don't come up and my DRL's work. I have DRL activated using VAG COM which currently operate my headlights, but you can choose which bulbs activate as DRL using VAGCOM. I plan on changing this to fogs when these are connected. If anyone can help with this at all I would be entirely grateful as CANBUS is a total pain in the arse. Thanks.
  9. The new changes look amazing.
  10. Adam's A6

    ^ Thanks man. Figured I should probably update this because I haven't done so since I got it painted and stuff. Picked it up and I was more than happy with the results. After nearly a year of being annoyed at my stone-chipped front bumper and scuffed rear bumper I was so pleased to have it looking really fresh. What was initially going to be a few panels turned out to be a full shoot bar the bonnet and the roof, which I plan on going back to get done so the full car will have fresh paint. The following day I took it to Piney's to give it a thorough clean prior to UD. We spent six hours giving it a good going over, and putting the Bentleys back on. I had repairs done on the two front barrels as they both had cracks in. It was good to have them back after driving with the stupid S8 wheels on, which I hate profusely. I was so happy to see it back to it's former glory. Piney fitted my OEM Audi LED plate bulbs which are such a small part but made the world of difference. They go well with the LED tails which I fitted earlier but I'm not sure if I posted it or not. All of the enjoyment was short lived, because I just have the best luck. As I discovered the following day, one of the tyres had a leak on the bead, causing all of the air to leave. I pumped it up and took it to the tyre place the morning of UD, only to find that I had also put two blebs in the tyre when it was flat. Piney to the rescue, I borrowed one of his Merc wheels and we left the Jetta on three wheels on his driveway. My friend Jonny (Elliott Photography) took this awesome rolling shot on the way down to UD, from the good side. Anyway, we finally made it to UD, swapped the wheel over on the evening and gave it a quick clean. Here's a few photos from the show. Some really catch the flat tyre quite well. If anyone has any other photos of it from the show, it would be great to see them. One thing that really made my weekend was winning this, however. I've never won anything before and was super grateful to receive this. Anyway, as it stands now, I'm back on these stupid wheels again. They look awful and the tyres are larger than the sun. My new wheels should be here soon. In the mean time, I'm going to sort the Bentleys out and get a new tyre sorted. Or, I might sell them so I can spend more money on the Mk1. Either way, progress soon. Thanks for reading the loooong post.
  11. dark red girl car

  12. dark red girl car

    So glad it's back on the ground. I have a box of YO THANGS.
  13. I can't remember. I was in the outside lane and had to drive across the chevrons because the lanes merged and he was driving past.
  14. I would like to personally congratulate the owner of a blue S3 on their driving skills as they undertook me on a slip road leaving the show.
  15. Adam's A6

    Picked it up from paint today. More than happy.