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  1. I did a buy.....

    No brainer on the 32 bet your loving it mate! I want one 5 door in blue goals lol
  2. Need a quick opinion from you guys I have fitted a oil catch can to my cupra r but not sure weather I should leave it vented to the turbo intake pipe or vent it down and to the back of the car like some people suggest any advice? I'm thinking of keeping the hockey puck in surly the vapour can't be that bad when the catch can is removing the excess oil anyway?
  3. Project midlife crisis

    Looks insane on the new wheels.if you sell the 3sdms please let me know mate
  4. Turbo flutter?

    Spot on mate it actually was exactly that! How ever I only realised as I was in the process of doing a n249 bypass and realised whilst changing spark plugs I didn't put the vacuumed hose back as it originally was.flutter completely gone
  5. Turbo flutter?

    Have a bam 225 over sized intake forge 008 connected was all fine but last 2 days I have been hearing turbo fluttering instead of dumping air not every time but at least half the time any ideas?
  6. This has baffled me for a while to be fair and never had a specific answer all I know is non res is louder and hazard a guess more flow but resonated quieter whilst in the car now regarding remaps and flow what's the best set up? I have heard 2.5" turbo back systems offer the same results as 3"? Would it be equally benafitting to go with a 2.5" decat to a resonated middle and what ever back box or would a 3" decat and non res offer more results example only a 1.8t for guidelines with a fmic etc.to state the obvious I am aware bigger exhaust more flow=high results but from 2.5-3" is there any need?
  7. Rainbird's LCR

    Any updates? Just read the thread and was interested the whole way through rather read this than the common show room with air ride finished articles.when you described the car as bought I was thinking its a shed.you have definitely given it another chance and the jobs done are spot on how are you finding the coilovers?
  8. Release bearing or gearbox bearing?

    Not to my Knowledge but not shaking or anything like that ?
  9. Need some advice pd130 Bora have a noise coming from the gearbox when I sometimes Start the car but when I press the clutch pedal in the noise completly goes and the same when I'm going along noisy bearing sound but completely goes when I press the clutch pedal just wondering if I change the clutch and release bearing will it go or will I need to have the gearbox looked into?
  10. Pd clutch 6 speed

    So what's my next step? Don't fancy another £200-250 on a fly wheel
  11. Pd clutch 6 speed

    Went to my local euro car parts store to buy a LUK clutch kit for my pd130 Bora he said it depends on what fly wheel I have? I'm not replacing the flywheel only want a new clutch I assumed I would be ok just buying an LUK one didn't think I needed a specific kind and have never heard this before?
  12. Just a quick question when taking off the egr cooler and changing the water pipe etc is there two blanking plates needed or just one? Cheers
  13. Mk4 clock display fade

    IMMO 3 sport tdi clocks, I'll get bent over for a replacement I think
  14. Mk4 clock display fade

    Hi I have full screen clocks showing track number and full miniature car display showing what door is open etc but the display is very hard to see in any daylight and has slightly faded at night I don't seem to be losing pixels as such just fading can anyone suggest how to fix this? Cheers
  15. SAI DELETE/resistor

    Have a 1.8t aum and have taken out the secondary air injection system just want to know where to get the resistor from and what's it called as I haven't got a clue cheers