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  1. Aerial connection

    Have searched and can't find an answer, my polo estate/seat cordoba vario has these connectors from the aerial base It's an obsolete item and I can't find a plug and play replacement. I understand one is the amplifier anyone know where I can find one?
  2. polo 6n2 rear beam

    mines of by about 5mm but not 2 inches lol. They are all off slightly
  3. Chopping of springs

    Cut bump stops in half?
  4. 6N2 GTi build thread

  5. Big Red

    Toby mate massive props! i couldnt cut a new van about! looks awesome always love seeing this about
  6. 6N2 GTi build thread

    Pm'd you dude
  7. Slammed Audi S4 Avant

    looks better now mate, much better.
  8. Oldskools mk3 - FOR SALE

    Glad you got them all ok James, it's really coming together.
  9. Oldskools mk3 - FOR SALE

    James I've got a brand new fk set of 15mm spacers. Hit me up if you're interested.
  10. Sean's VR6...

    I've only just seen this! Really impressed with it, has elements of mine thrown in which it's a bit weird! Massive fan mate really like it
  11. projekt:black

    i know the feeling bud. i havent drove mine... ever because its always having something done. march is the deadline!
  12. projekt:black

    really looking forward to UD to see this
  13. how much lamin x ?

    trimming 'implement' is one of those blades you snap when it gets blunt. oh and get a tape measure lolz
  14. Oldskools mk3 - FOR SALE

    ive got a donor car if your interested james looking for less than £500!! i just want rid of it. I'm not far from Rob
  15. us jazz blue mk3. GetLow

    love this dude. jazz blue is one of the best colours! dont suppose you're after any euro parts? im after some US ones lol