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  1. Swirl marks :S

    I have used a LOT of paint correction products and processes, this weekend I was a bit bored and at my parents who have a driveway. Weather was perfect and I had the house to myself. Went to Halfords with every intention of getting some tech wax and just giving it a quick spruce up. Bought the Farcela G3 and the hand cutting compound applicator in a two pack. I totally expected it to be turd. And it was when used as instructed on the pack. I changed my approach and used a water sprayer and with the same amount of product continued over the whole car again in vertical and horizontal strokes covering each panel with two strokes in each direction. Previously RUINED bonnet. As I applied the product, three pea sized spots per panel and lots of water. This is before sealing, after this I glazed with black hole and sealed with Autoglym HD. I haven't used my rotary on this car in over three years, it is washed with a brush in true "haven't got a clue" valet style. And I think it shows what can be done with a bit of elbow grease. Paint correction doesn't have to be expensive, its all about time, effort and hard work.
  2. coolant bubbling 1.8T

    Fairly standard, you may find it was over filled and the pressure was too great. Start the car up with the expansion cap off and check the return to the header is trickling through. You may have a failed water pump. Check the bottom hose is also at a similar temp to the top hose. If you are really worried then get a sniff test, but 1.8t's don't do head gaskets usually. Only as a consequence of poor maintenance.
  3. Look up Jamie Gates on Facebook, profile picture is a purple Ibiza. Tell him Jardo the dickhead friend of Prawns sent you. He is from Basingstoke and he is very very good, if he can't offer show quality he will know who will.
  4. My 245bhp K03s A3 daily driver.

    Cheers. It's an AUM, AGU's are in pre-facelift cars. R-Tech are in Hinkley. By far the best VAG tuner in the country.
  5. I've been on E38 for a while, just haven't posted much. I'll try and post a bit more. Here's my daily, which my girlfriend and I have owned since a standard 150 t sport - Spec is - SFS Turbo intake pipe Creation Motorsport coldside DV relocation Various air filter setups, currently running S2K filter XS Motorsport 2.5" front mount intercooler 3" Miltek downpipe and decat Full 2.5" non resonated Miltek exhaust N249 Bypass PCV delete Genuine reconditioned head (fitted 200 miles ago) New Gates Powergrip cambelt New metal water pump New tensioners and pulleys G60 clutch VR6 flywheel Eibach rear anti roll bar JOM coilovers 312mm S3 brakes Black headlights Powerflex lower arm bushes Powerflex front lower arm bushes Powerflex front dogbone mount Powerflex "race" rear dogbone bush Super rare 17" Avus S4 wheels R-Tech SAI blanking plate Interior - RS4 Steering Wheel Full leather S3 Recaros TT pedals Boost gauge Bluetooth OBD adapter http://m.youtube.com/results?q=r%20tech%201.8t#/watch?v=EUXosxUGpDs I'm always doing stupid things with it, so I shall try to share it with you guys as I go along. Next plans are more power, be it meth and maxing the K03 or a T3T4 setup. Cheers
  6. Matt's Stage 2 A3 1.8T

    I owned it about 2 seconds before you bought it. Jardo = me I really like what you have done to it mate, you have spent the money and put in the hard work where I couldn't and wouldn't so hats off. It kills me to see somebody else making my car look epic, but it makes me happier to see somebody enjoying it and treating it as it should be treated. So really, well done! Nobody will understamd the spec of that car, in my opinion it is one of the best A3's about.
  7. Matt's Stage 2 A3 1.8T

    My old car! Looks super tidy Matt, great work.
  8. Jardo's Scirocco

    Its good to be here haha! Personally I prefer Mk2's, but could never say no to a Mk1. I will post updates as they come, coilovers next week. Going to look at a set of D90's tomorrow
  9. Jardo's Scirocco

    Picked this little number up the other day after a two year absence from real V-dubs. VERY happy to be back in the game, its been far to long! It's been SORN'd off the road for years, with no previous owners and FULL service history from the original dealer and is a real treasure trove of paperwork and originality. I swapped it for a little 306 and drove it fresh from the barn back to Plymouth from Basingstoke and its taken pride place as my daily. Not missed a beat yet and is going really well! Plans are a big drop and the generic OEM+ look, but the real plan with this car is for my girlfriend to get bitten by the bug and get something older. Cant wait to get started, I will update as things move along
  10. The Morning After...

    flip a priest ! I bet the burger was good though...
  11. 1984 audi 80 sport

    Do it, and I personally will murder you. That car is BEAUTIFUL ! Actually my dream car, which means allot because I hate EVERYTHING ! Oh jeeez....
  12. Probably scrapped it just for shock effect...
  13. Projekt Po-lol - Ghetto mk3 Coupe

    That'll be red oxide. Lovely stuff.... Polo looks schweeet ! If you phone NFU they can do you cheap insurance with those wheels on