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    Cars, women and sex. In any order I can get!
  1. Mk2 now up for sale on ebay Russ
  2. BBS centre caps

    Actually both. The cap will have a face size and also the size where they clip into the wheel hole. Measure what's on and buy the same
  3. pro and cons on this suspension method

    What is the issue you think you might have? Either is fine if suitable for the car mate
  4. Personal choice through use is Conti then hankooks but from the list yoko is the one I'd run
  5. My Mk2 16vG60 Project

    U_bend and g60 fmic is surely the way to go Jon.
  6. S3-Dans 87 MK2 PD TDI build

    Weapon mate. Seems a shame to sell, great car
  7. Recommend me an exhaust builder

    Blooming phone posted that itself ha... Not cheaper to get an off the shelf exhaust and modify trails to suit? Just a thought.
  8. Recommend me an exhaust builder

    Alright Pete. Had an exhaust of them before and been talking prices for sorting a mani and d/pipe later this year for the syncro mate. Have a few pals that have the same on there cars and sure I have a few pics knocking about, fit was flawless. Heard good things about AAS too but no first hand knowledge mate.
  9. Recommend me an exhaust builder

    Pipewerx mate. Not cheap but very good product.
  10. 1.8t 20v MAF spec...?

    Pull back the rubber boot on the connector and check the wiring is knackered on this also Giles, quite a common fail.
  11. 1.8t 20v MAF spec...?

    Have you changed the temp sensor yet mate, sounds likely that has failed.
  12. 1.8t 20v MAF spec...?

    Change what you need to Giles but there is also plenty of threads up on overboost/spiking on these engines. You can run a bcv in parallel to get passed this issue also. What is it using to control fuelling, Map sensor or just lambda?
  13. 1.8 20vT popping and banging!

    Is the car mapped for the 4bar fpr? If not then it could be causing an issue with overfuelling as ko4 is standard 3bar fpr. All easy enough for your tuner to sort I would expect Giles
  14. ABF smooth bay overheating, resolution?

    Is pump ok? Do fans come on? airlock? Checked levels? checked mix? Thermostat ok? Seen plenty of 20v's running this rad ok and they are a hotter engine all in/
  15. alpine white mk2 golf 20vt

    Man, that has worked out really nice. Guess the old saying " out of poo comes roses" is quite apt on this occasion. Love it.