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  1. Mk1 Scirocco Small Block Chic

    loves it, phissst
  2. MK6 Golf - R32 Smooth Bay

    i would reconsider those lengths of wood in the back like that., if you was ever rear ended you'd be skewered up ready for the bbq.
  3. Mk1 Scirocco Small Block Chic

    winst you got people signing up just to read this
  4. how can i get hold of some of that sponge deadening?
  5. A4 cabrio

    great write up.. 'I sniffed the autum since birth' made me chuckle. cabs lovely.
  6. can i ask, you must take door cards off and on alot so what do you do with the popper things vw use to secure the door when they dont open when the card comes off? i want to get behind my door card again but last time i had to buy some of the popper things as they were retracted in.
  7. Scirocco GT TDI

    To be fair i bet it looks well in person. what you think you will get out of it with the mods plus map 200?
  8. Scirocco GT TDI

    moody front, interested to see it once the front is fully black. I dont like the exhaust but have you noticed much change in the power/sound?
  9. Scirocco mk3 -

    These have been on awhile. SNA by Rotiform, on Flickr
  10. Soundaktor Factory fitted fake engine sounds.

    lol well they are fitted to a fair few cars apparently but mines a scirocco
  11. Soundaktor Factory fitted fake engine sounds.

    well thought more people would know about this! just if peopel felt if it was worth removing or not.
  12. Scirocco GT TDI

    Looks similar to mine at the moment! where did you pick up thre mirrors and grill?
  13. So i recently became aware of this while trying to find out about cabin rattles.. its a form of a speaker located under the scuttle panel that emphasizes fake engine sounds. sorry if people are fully aware of this but i wasn't and wanted to know what its like after unplugging or removing. I've searched online and majority vote to disconnect.
  14. MK5 Golf Daily

    How easy was the brake swap? no extra parts needed etc?
  15. Mindak's A3 TDI Sportback

    Boost gauge looks nice but did you not fancy it on the right side vent ?