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  1. 1.8t Lupo - 200bhp/tonne target

    Would think 200bhp is very easy on this project, good luck! Im sure you know but the gti version has an aluminium bonnet as standard and aluminium boot so some easy weight saving there not sure on cost these days though.
  2. Help ! Clutch or gearbox issue on my van

    clutch release bearing? Had same issue in another vehicle did the clutch at the same time.
  3. vw dnx vs aftermarket

    Thanks John I will keep my eyes open now, DAB would be nice but not a priority! How much am I looking at roughly for these models?
  4. vw dnx vs aftermarket

    Please be patient, the last head unit I changed was cassette player in my mk1 and I haven't owned a newer car for 8 years! I got a 2012 transporter but the cd player is pretty basic, I have seen plenty of aftermarket double din head units for sale and VW versions with sat nav etc What would people recommend for my needs, Sat Nav DAB Blue tooth Option for reversing camera not a deal breaker but Dvd player Thanks in advance Gareth
  5. Mk1 Berg Cup - The Carbon Outlaw Project

    Looking great its crying out for a fuel cell in the back ! What seats you going for?
  6. American inspired mk1 caddy pickup

    Nope not really hot on the whole forum thing I post sometimes on Instagram though. Mines got a bench seat, 1.9tdi ahu engine and carbon roof! You going any shows next year would be cool to park up!
  7. American inspired mk1 caddy pickup

    looks good reminds me of mine a little! How did you find sitting the lights in the bucket?
  8. Touran GTI

    Any more videos?
  9. 130 PD or 110 none PD TDI into Mk2 Jetta

    which one i think there are 4 different options
  10. 130 PD or 110 none PD TDI into Mk2 Jetta

    I think the pd lump in the audi and passat is mounted differently than in golfs so mounts etc would all be custom would probably be cheaper to buy a vw golf with a pd in working condition. My friend who carries out pd conversions into mark 2s said they are like 1.8t just different wiring. If you want to go into a mark2 jetta you could all ways go for an ahu (still turbo) but you can tune them with pumps,injectors and bigger turbos. PD's are good lumps and if i had the time and money i would put that in but if not ahu isn't a bad alternative Gareth
  11. Gold Plating

    London chroming does i think.
  12. caddy blower only works on no:4

    That' says it's for the older caddy will it fit the 2004-now caddy mine is a 2008 Thanks
  13. caddy blower only works on no:4

    I've got the same problem any link to the heater motor resistor
  14. Roll cage/ custom cage

    http://www.huxleymotorsport.co.uk i think its fairly close to you
  15. Stolen car insurance pay out

    Can you not just ask them to replace your car with a like for like, then let them look for something ?