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  1. Simple(ish) Question For Wheel Experts!

    Optional extra for the Audi TT 3.2 S tronic, yes they are 9j. and yes they are 5x112. 25mm spacers should do it I'm thinking.
  2. Simple(ish) Question For Wheel Experts!

    Hi there, thanks for the replies. I am running standard suspension at the moment but possibly running coilovers in the future if funds allow. Caliper clearance will be fine. For future reference the wheels I'm talking about are these; Any more help anyone? Cheers.
  3. Hi, I have just bought an Audi A4 1.9tdi se. Very similar to the one below; The standard wheels are 16" ET 42 and 7j wide. Running 205/55 tyres. The wheels I'm wanting to fit are 18" ET 52 9j wide. Probably running either 245/40 or 225/40 tyres. My question to you is; What size spacers do I need for them to fit and what size tyres would you recommend, epecially for the front. Thanks a lot, Phil.
  4. 1991 Golf GTI 16V OEM+

    Absoultley love the car mate, one of the best MK2's around in my opinion, I will have one, one day!
  5. shelveys oem+ mk2 golf

    I don't post on here much, but this deserves it. Just read the whole thread. EXCELLENT
  6. Jonnyc's MK5 GTI ED30 Build Thread..

    Love the car mate, just read the whole thread. You obviously know exactly what your doing and your future/past ideas sound great! One of the best mk5's I've seen.
  7. Wheel Help Please!

    Help, pleaseee.
  8. Wheel Help Please!

    Bump, still could do with a little bit of help, cheers.
  9. Wheel Help Please!

    Bump, I need to know tonight please if possible! Cheers again!
  10. Wheel Help Please!

    Bump, I need to know tonight please if possible! Cheers.
  11. Wheel Help Please!

    Hello, I have a set of OZ Ceres wheels, quite rare in BMW 5*120 PCD. The offset is ET 15, and the wheels are 8 1/2 inch wide all round. I'm wanting to fit them to an AUDI A6 Avant (Estate 2006 model). 4*112 PCD. Would it be possible for me to use adapters and still fit them to my car, or is the offset too low, or the width including the adapters too wide? Any help or links would be appreciated. Thanks a lot, Phil.