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  1. Did you ever find a solution for this pal, i have stainless dishes which i have just curbed today, i clipped a curb quite hard and the damage is only minimal, i did this with my previous aluminum dishes and they ended up cracked with a big dent in them, which led me on to buying stainless dishes, the stainless are obviously alot stronger than my previous dishes but have still sustained some damage, Hope some one can help on here, Here are a few pics of the damage to mine to give people an idea of what its like http://i873.photobucket.com/albums/ab294/Gtipluc/b6b68890.jpg http://i873.photobucket.com/albums/ab294/Gtipluc/96002f5b.jpg Cheers luc
  2. pleas help

    the exact same tyre are fine on 9j wheels, everyone runs stretched tyres on here more or less, yes they are split rims but ive had the wheel and valves checked, they are perfectly fine, i can see bubbles coming from the edge of the rim when i put soapy water on them so i know its the beads not sealing correctly, what else can i do, like i say the exact same tyres are on the 9j back wheels and they are perfectly fine and have been for months any thing else i can do please, thanks so far guys
  3. pleas help

    hi there i have some 205/40/17 toyo proxie4 on an 8j front and 9j rear, the rear tyre are perfectly fine and dont leak, but no matter what i do i cant get the fronts to seal, ive had someone look at my wheels to see if there are flat spots ect, they say they look fine, ive also had a tyre shop put some bead sealer on today, after a few hours before i put them back on the car i checked with soapy water and what do you know there still leaking, this has been on going for months now as i was saving the money to get them striaghted but after the guys looked they said they dont need it, you might end up making them worst, after advice from the previous bloke who built them up for me, im stuck someone please help thanks
  4. 1.8 20v turbo engine

    im from halifax, i thought the turbo would come with the engine? so it is possible to use any 1.8 20v turbo engine then? cheers
  5. 1.8 20v turbo engine

    Ah right i didnt think there was any differene in all the 1.8 turbo engines apart from turbo and gearboxes, so could a leon cupra 225 engine not be used? It has to be from a passat or a4 the same age but it doesnt matter weather its from a quattro or 4motion? Cheers luc
  6. 1.8 20v turbo engine

    Right i have a mate who has an audi a4 1.8 t quattro y reg 2001, its been to the garage and it needs the cylinder head and turbo replacing at a cost of around £2500, so the garage has suggested it might be cheaper to buy a new engine, but hes been told hes got to look specifically for an engine thats from a quattro, but i cant see why, so my question is can he buy a non quattro 1.8turbo engine and have that fitted? His gearbox out of the car is fine, so why has he been told o get a engine thats come out of a quattro? Please shed some light on this, thanks luc
  7. Polo 9n3 gti

    Right there a creaking noise when i go round corners or turn my steering wheel from what sounds like my front left suspension struts, i was thinking is it possible i need new top mounts and bearings? Any info or help would be greatly appreciated, thanks luc
  8. Polo 9n3 GTI Project 4x4 + :P

    any updates mate?
  9. White mk 7 9n3 polo gti

    Cheers mate, no updates as of yet, knackered my front arches driving too loo so had to pay for them sorting huh, then had the wheels of over winter so its just looks standard at moment apart from air, was it u who asked for some pics of the boot build with the air ride ect, i could get a few pics up of that as thats the only thing i havnt done yet, thanks for the comments tho Cheers luc
  10. Knocking noise

    Yep emtied my glove box and checke everythig is tight on my front struts including my droplink however still got a knocking noise, any suggestions Cheefs luc
  11. Knocking noise

    My bad everyone forget that post, problem Has been sorted, it has had a chassis notch i was looking in the wrong place, ha ha, the rest of the kit is fantastic no quarms what so ever, just me not looking correctly, my fault would still reccomend the guys who fit the kit to any body.
  12. Knocking noise

    Forget that what i said earlier mate, just had a look and there no chassis notch on the car dispite the fact they have said they were doing it, i remeber speaking to them on the phone, and havair saying we have just got the chassis notch to do and that it the cars done then hub, fobs off or what?
  13. Knocking noise

    At any height it seems and its had a chassis notch apparenty, any other suggestions, thanks so far for your input tho mate, just want to know what it is as its driving me crazy,
  14. Knocking noise

    After getting my car back after javing air ride fitted theres a knockig noise when driving over bumps ect, now this maybe nothing to do with the air ride install but it sound like its on the front end, and its driving me insane sounds like somethings loose and my cara falling in bit, its on a polo 9n3 gti, Thanks luc