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  1. Project Pride of Scotland...........

    looks lovely cannot wait too see this

    that is beautiful,ultimate mk1
  3. Central heating exit

    flue height is fine if its below 1.8m it reqs a flue guard over it to stop touching it but you cannot fit a pluming kit on it if its a non condensing boiler as the heat differnce between a condense and non condense are alot different and could melt the plume kit all you can do is move the boiler to a diff location if flue is becoming a nuisance,unless the boiler is a condensing and then you can fit a plume management kit
  4. amazing looking car alot of love sweat and tears has gone into this
  5. amazing work amazing car
  6. supercharged syncro vr6

    its a really rare raid steering wheel the sides have been altered for more grip and has carbon fibre effect horn sides never seen another one but it was on my syncro when i bought it from germany it has a proper vw part number on it aswell
  7. supercharged syncro vr6

    they are the same ones but got them refurbed they sit spot on for the syncro your highline looks spot on aswell
  8. supercharged syncro vr6

    at least theres two of us now looks really good in red
  9. supercharged syncro vr6

    had no issues been on for 2 yrs now running stage 2 at 300bhp
  10. supercharged syncro vr6

    this was last one to be imported from germany i brought it over in 2007 they came 3 door 5 door and estate
  11. supercharged syncro vr6

    few more pics
  12. supercharged syncro vr6

    few more pics
  13. Ricks 1960 15 window deluxe crew cab splitty

    spot on,stunning