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  1. 75 marinogelb swallowtail

    Mine was close to being like this luckily l had doner. Keep on it.
  2. 1989 UK GTI Engineering Golf Syncro

    Just read the whole build. What happened with it ?
  3. 1989 UK GTI Engineering Golf Syncro

    Just read the whole build. What happened with it ?
  4. Syncro Nevada Beige

    Last time l saw the car it was in 1 of William mates garage, looking sorry
  5. My new 75 swallowtail

    So l had some spare time in the summer, so started looking for a engine to replace the g60. Brought a original 1.6 out of a swallowtail and was going to refurb it but then l spotted a 16vt. Knew that was the engine for the car. So deposit was paid. Car running with the engine now. Just a downpipe needs to be made Also saw a rare set of Compomotive wheels pop up on ebay so l had to get them. Plans are to get this done for 2016( been say that every year)
  6. My new 75 swallowtail

    no update on it brought a new toy which i m building at the moment not happy with the g60 engine so looking for a new one . it will be special
  7. Mk2 Jetta Coupe Question

    i also got 1 . know of 1 in west midlands and 2 more in derby
  8. My new 75 swallowtail

    lost the energy to work on this over summer time to pull it out and get half of the parts on it
  9. Porsche D90 Splits? Anyone got any info ?

    are the 17 inch barrels original ? on the d90 splits
  10. Porsche D90 Splits? Anyone got any info ?

    thanks mate . these are 17 inch . not everbody is a fan but there proper old skool
  11. My new 75 swallowtail

    so i brought the swallow a new steering wheel was not happy how the car was sitting on the front so have started to make it sit lower also stripped down my 16v engine so i get the bottom end sorted for the turbo
  12. who repairs air struts

    hi just noticed that my eos front airlift xl slam is making a knocking noise on the strut. after a top mount rebuild , think the strut seal is leaking so looking to find out if the unit can be repaired or if i need to buy a new one . any help would be great
  13. My new 75 swallowtail

    mark - still on the look for the trim . but got a trimmer that can sort it out for me .
  14. My new 75 swallowtail

    carnt believe i had this for 3 years and not finished . not been working on it lately .just finished build a track mk1 golf. need to get back on it . but build a few different car . time is hard
  15. mk1 t plate florida blue

    john still got the car. he put too much cash and energy into it to give up . and will be out soon.