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  1. chrism's new ride, A6 S-line!

    Awsome car buddy, where are you ordering you plate recesses from?
  2. A little red inside S4 B5

    So she goes for sale….. http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=522019
  3. my b5 s4.

    Looked good dude, nice to here the sound of another s4 with launch control! :-)
  4. my b5 s4.

    Wining dude
  5. A little red inside S4 B5

    This is happening... http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=520198&do=findComment&comment=5448776
  6. A little red inside S4 B5

    Yeah not bad, 200£ for the complete boot lid, plinth and front plate recess filler
  7. A little red inside S4 B5

    Brick kiln racing did the boot lid, they are down near Abingdon..
  8. A little red inside S4 B5

    Yesterday was a bit a ultimate dubs prep/getting rid of the winter dirt.. To this Next in the list to do is discs and pad, along with a caliper colour..... Oh the S4 had an S4 buddie for the day...
  9. A little red inside S4 B5

    Again thanks for all the kindnesssssss!!! So a parcel arrived today... and in the car.. Was a straight fit, but I just need to sort the single/dual stage airbag wiring out over the weekend
  10. A little red inside S4 B5

    I was looking to upgrade the interior a little more, as the CS's had done a fair job so far.. I was toying with a 'Nardi' wooden wheel, a 'classic' momo 280/300 but in the end I managed to get this... #noflatbottomhere So it's a virtually brand new wheel with only delivery millage off of an A1 Sline.. Hopefully get some pics of it fitted over the weekend as long as the airbag arrives.. In other news the LM's didn't fair too well with the weather... So she is back on factory stock :-(
  11. Audi A4 Avant on Air

    Yes!!! Land rover wheels look awsome mate!
  12. A little red inside S4 B5

    Thanks for all the kind comments!! Hopefully hitting the show calender hard this year! Watch this space.
  13. A little red inside S4 B5

    So over running the tale, dean from UD got back to me to let me know there's a space for me in the outside display.. So here are a few more pics.. I've just had the exhaust sorted, so I should be able to squeeze a few more mm out of the coils ;-)
  14. A little red inside S4 B5

    A little picot he wheels with the new tyres.. Went for Pirelli pzero 205/40/18... A complete bitch to get the rears on. Put it this way, I'm a few hairs lighter. http://i616.photobucket.com/albums/tt241/toby-juggs/DE34BD4E-7DA1-4F9B-91F8-A56CA05A9FF5.jpg