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  1. John's Mkv Edition30

    Caught a roller today
  2. John's Mkv Edition30

    Because philthy
  3. John's Mkv Edition30

    I got the stud conversion from wheelpowerdevon mate. Give them a ring as they're not listed on the website. I highly reccomend you start with something flat/small/disposable. As you will get it wrong. (Carbon) i have learnt and learnt the hard way. Every day i still learn new tips and tricks. Time, patience and a serious mental calm is required at times.
  4. John's Mkv Edition30

    Cheers bud i do what i can I have infact sold most of the carbon parts i made for the car. lol. I do have a pic somewhere of them fitted though. Will dig it out.
  5. John's Mkv Edition30

    Wheel stud conversion with extended tuner nuts.
  6. John's Mkv Edition30

    Butttttt is now back being my daily hack. Fitted a new box, single mass flywheel, Uprated sashes clutch kit, new bearing and works. Solid engine mounts and another service. Also had the down pipe off for a pre cat delete. Lowered it some more. Keeps me happy.
  7. John's Mkv Edition30

    Been a while since i been on here! This is how she sat for quite some time. Has a lovely parking ticket. Then wrecked the box. Lost 1st and release bearing shat itself. Over this time i become quite the carbon dabbler. What obviously started as a hobby has become something more.
  8. Mkv Gti gearbox codes

    Hi all, I'll start of with the problem. Car is a 2006 golf edition 30 (manual) I've lost 1st gear... Done all the usual playing around with linkages to try get it in. Guess the 1st/ 2nd hear syncro has gone. My question is. What's going to be the best method round it. I have spoken to a couple of gearbox specialist round my way and they can't really quote a price untill it's off and in there workshop. Would it be cheaper to buy a new box, if so what gearbox codes work on my platform? Also, any recommendations on garages / specialists round the norwich area. Not a cheap fix either way i know. But saving a little here would help me big time. Thanks in advance.
  9. John's Mkv Edition30

    After a trip to Birmingham NEC for the day. Love driving this car. Stopped of at GSF too get asked. How much is air these days by a young lad in there.
  10. EIG - Mk5 Tornado Red Edition30

    You've done exactly what i have mate. From r32, to bimmer back to ed30. Just can't get away from a golf. Love em.
  11. John's Mkv Edition30

    More dabble in the weave.
  12. John's Mkv Edition30

    Cheers man, i love how it's sitting right now! On another note. Selling up my b pillars if anyone's interested. Need some dolla for another project.
  13. John's Mkv Edition30

    Yeah that's me. Needed a trim. Lol
  14. John's Mkv Edition30

    This is te kind of mundane poo I've been upto untill some bigger things arrive. Seats out to hoover. No pics after but you can imagine a clean carpet. Lol Had some left over sound deadening from the last project. Stuck that in the wheel well. Annnd sorted my spare wheel tool kit out. Added my torque wrench and a few other bits. Neatly cut into the original foam.
  15. knurled finish on rim dishes?

    Seen some pretty impressive engraving before. http://www.engraveitinc.com/wheels.html