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  1. Caddyshack!

    Very nice
  2. Calypso Mk2, Custom Teddys, Static Low

    I saw this the other day going through Lincoln town centre looked sweet good work mate
  3. early mk2 gti

    Now sold
  4. early mk2 gti

    It's now on eBay I will put a add up tonight
  5. early mk2 gti

    Not to sure mate I'm gutted it has to go but times are hard at the min
  6. early mk2 gti

    Need the funds mate I'm gutted I have to sell
  7. early mk2 gti

    Sad to say this is now fof sale A ad will be up soon
  8. early mk2 gti

    Thanks for the comments guys Will be putting the coils on in a couple of weeks And I'm on the lookout for some wheels Plans are just to keep it looking sweet maybe a singal light 7 slat grill
  9. early mk2 gti

    Thanks guys I got coilovers ready to go on just need to sell some stuff then I will get some wheels
  10. early mk2 gti

    picked this up yesterday let me know what you guys think
  11. Mk2 daily

    Looks nice mate
  12. mk2 caddy nearly finished

    Saw this today looks amazing
  13. Mk1 Jetta Coupe

    That looks amazing
  14. Caddy 2k

    Looks class