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  1. PROJECT................ZERO LIP

    looking good already dude.
  2. Jas' mk3 Gti

    looking good matey, makes a refreshing change seeing the arch trims left on... think they look awesome. sitting down well on them LM's aswell, got a massive soft spot for LM's!! Lee
  3. Adz's MK3 Golf GTI 16v

    Looking good mate i love this car.

    looking good mate, sits really well on them wheels. love them tailgates.. makes me wish i had one for mine!
  5. redders ride... project "TAKE-TWO" aka "RUBY"

    Them carbon bits look awesome.. especially the mirrors!
  6. Oldskools mk3 - FOR SALE

    Car looks stunning mate and that air ride kit is amazing!! saw it at ud outside one of the hotels and think i took more photos of it than what i did of all the cars inside the halls. Top work mate.
  7. Sound of Silver (ish) - New Scirocco

    Hey rob hows it going mate? good to speak to you at UD and only just found this build thread.... rocco looks absolutely amazing, them wheels suit it perfectly! Lee
  8. redders ride... project "TAKE-TWO" aka "RUBY"

    Good talking to you at UD jon, car looked awesome as usual!! New one is looking good, will be intresting to see what you do to this one Lee
  9. Headlight Tinting

    I just used some heat resistant matt black paint from halfords, and applied it with a paint brush rather than buying a rattle can and spraying it on.
  10. Mk1 Golf ////The Daily\\\\

    Looking sweet dude, car looks mint. Wheels are awesome aswell, cant wait to see em on!! Lee
  11. ollie's 17" LM'd DSM '86 mk2 cl - S.O.R.N!

    Looks pretty damn sweet in my opinion dude, LM's are amazing!!! Top work
  12. redders ride... project "TAKE-TWO" aka "RUBY"

    hey jon, cars looking sweet as ever. was admiring it at elsecar few weeks back!lol wouldnt mind taking them headlights off your hands in a week or so if there still for sale at that time!
  13. Dans Black Bora || Static Drop ||

    Looks great on them wheels mate!!
  14. redders ride... project "TAKE-TWO" aka "RUBY"

    yer tyres are fine, ive made em worse though so i will be getting some new ones once the arches have been rolled!
  15. redders ride... project "TAKE-TWO" aka "RUBY"

    Hey dude id post some of my pics up but there mostly pooe due to the arena being packed out and people wandering in front of the camera n that!lol Car looked sweet though, stance looks awesome in the flesh!