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  1. another kin touran!

    cheers mate , yeah you can do if you want if its not to much trouble drop us a txt or give us a call its something i will be sorting over the next few weeks so no rush...
  2. another kin touran!

    Was good seeing you tonight matt you need to come down next week been too long man . I want a touran now ,new i should of got one instead of the caddy.
  3. White Clean Caddy 2K

    Hi mate yes i am using a water tank , jet wash etc will take some pic's at the weekend if you want or later this week and send them to you if you want?
  4. Jon's Caddy DSG..............

    Great work on the wheels jon you gotta be happy with them ?
  5. White Clean Caddy 2K

    Not updated this for ages , few changes have happened since the last update had the van sign written also had the bentleys refurbed and fitted with new tyres . heres a few pic's for now hopefully will have some soon!
  6. White Clean Caddy 2K

    Thanks mate have you got a build thread on yours? Will do jon just not really took many pictures lately gonna get some propper ones done soon! Show him mate if not just do it for him lol Cheers Thanks mate
  7. The Lupo GTI

    love this ryan good work on the bay too looks loads better.
  8. Plummer's mk5 build

  9. Jon's Caddy DSG..............

    looking good jon this something i keep meaning to do to my van but as of yet never got round to doing it!
  10. Another Un-h2o Daily Production.....

    Looking forward to seeing this at UD looking good mate!
  11. dele's..

    just been through your whole thread very nice car , nice one
  12. Oli's 9n3 Polo GTi Progress Thread.

    liking the look of the new wheels oil!
  13. Homebrew Golf Mk2 G60

    cant wait to see this again danny with all your new additions and fresh paint.
  14. Kim's Beetle1.8T - Porsche Rims & Lows

    Shocked kim such a nice car .
  15. Black Arosa Sport

    yes i do see this and hear it pretty much everyday lol always looks clean and tidy good work so far keep it up mate