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  1. Snap- Off steering Wheel Boss

    You can buy slimmer hub kits to compensate, I have an NRG one.
  2. UD 14 - the fall out

    I was tripping over too many dorks with cameras to even look at cars. Don't lay on the floor for 10 minutes, as far from the car you're taking a pic of as you can and then tut when people have a enough and walk in front of you. I paid £15 to look at cars, not watch my step for kids with a Facebook photography pages. Enjoy the cars while you're there, not when you're at home adjusting light balance on photoshop. I don't have anything against people taking photos but I've got as much right to be there looking at cars as they have taking pics. I wish there was a show like UD that incorporated many more brands of car, I enjoy a nice Golf as much as I do a nice Ford Focus. I think the show has a great location and atmosphere on the whole.
  3. Ollies 6N2 Gti

    Looking good man!
  4. Wills Cabby 3 non daily

    Lol, Volkwaggings.
  5. 2007 Polo GTi

  6. White MK2 Golf, White Wellers Pg 8

    Got your stickers yet?
  7. 2010 Candy White mk6 Gti.

    The timing of Dueling Banjos with a van from the Hills Have Eyes was impeccable.
  8. 2010 Candy White mk6 Gti.

    One of my favourite parts of this weekend was ragging this trying to rinse the fuel
  9. 2010 Candy White mk6 Gti.

    Clean white cars are the bestest.
  10. Polo 6n

    Looks great that. Red 6ns
  11. White MK2 Golf, White Wellers Pg 8

    It's a tank to stop people tearing the front end off.
  12. The Bora Build.

  13. Project:NotLow.

    yeah man, don't come in here much anymore. Keeping my head down
  14. Project:NotLow.

    Plates cool man.