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  1. can appreciate the locals will be pissed about it... Provides a huge amount of income for the area though. tricky one. Hope it doesn't lose its spirit.
  2. Could only find VW home, cheers. I hope it's all good, will be keeping an eye out for this.
  3. Got any links to that?
  4. Will def meet up for sure
  5. That's us booked and ready to go. Due to work we are heading off from the 1st, driving back to uk 7th Is there anyone going on similar dates. Would be reassuring to know other uk guys are going at similar times.
  6. My Mk3 -long term project

    Still got this. It's off the road for a year. Just can't decide vr6 or 1.8t
  7. Mk2 Polo G40 saloon

    In for updates
  8. My Mk3 -long term project

    I've been a busy boy New coilovers and top mounts, poly bushes all to go on in the next few weeks.
  9. My Mk3 -long term project

    Honestly buddy. It's dead easy. I did it by going vertical -back and forth back and forth. Then horizontal back and forth, just keep adding water and cleaning off the sandpaper and then protect with a sealant. I used the meguiars headlight restore kit.
  10. My Mk3 -long term project

    Incredible what a bit of sanding can do. They look a lot better now will be doing the whole car.
  11. Seanie's Mk3

    This is a great thread. Thanks for the info on part numbers and sources too.
  12. My Mk3 -long term project

    Thanks buddy. Won't be any big changes for a while but it will get there
  13. Hey guys not been on here too much as of late, been financially rooked and moved into a new place... Some of you may remember my Arosa Tdi. Coilovers, 15" superg's, remap, and I retrofit Morimoto Minis Bixenons amongst a few other bits... I've been after Tam's Mk3 for ages. Basically since the day he bought it! He gave me the heads up around Christmas time ish and I saved and saved and eventually bought it. The plan initially was to have the Arosa as the daily and spend my time and little disposable income on tidying up the mk3, this suddenly became a different story on the way to pick up speakers for my dads t5... The timing belt tensioner (timing belt was done 5k before I got it) failed and killed the engine in the middle of nowhere so I had to get the mk3 out sharpish. After a quick spruce up it came out presentable. Tam has done some nice wee touches around the car. underneath its your typical Mk3 underneath. I will need to see to the sills they are a bit flaky but not the worst. I've not had the time to do much to it recently apart from fixing the cranshaft position sensor which was a bastard and I never ever want to do that again. I have different wheels and a few other bits but I'll upload pics when I'm not so tired. Cheers.