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  1. 1969 T2 Baywindow

    Right done a little more today.....pure fluke!! but learning slowly... but please any tips are most welcome! alot of rust on the passenger side floor...... cut it out... used the old cutting for a rough idea on size.... then made the new one, measured and cut a slight groove in to bed it easier.... trial fit.....seems ok? then sanded the fibreglass filler on the rear arch and filled with fine filler..... and my new ignition set up
  2. 1969 T2 Baywindow

    right a bit of body work done today operation sand and smooth this weekend this was inside, and this just under the window, i have lifted up the rubber and to my suprise the frame is fine got a few papers for the orbital sander to tackle it all over the next few days then it's over to the other side for the serious work!!
  3. 1969 T2 Baywindow

    hey everyone finally got a chance to sort out the belt and tackle the knocking!! just want some thumbs up, i'm not very mechanically minded so this is time to learn.... turned the engine to open up no.1 is this correct..... the rocker covers came off and went to check the the valves to see if they had any play in them.... the furthest one doesn't move and the next one to it had slight play...does this mean that they're too tight? hope this post makes sense? cheers Ben
  4. 1969 T2 Baywindow

    been sat for 4 years and sounds ok i suppose, need a belt change me thinks
  5. 1969 T2 Baywindow

    thanks man, your bro caught up in it too!! haha it's all i think about atm! you should get one too!!
  6. 1969 T2 Baywindow

    cheers everyone right finished stripping the inside out and waiting for the gasket kit for the oil strainer so it will of had a oil change just been looking around and here are some pics of the worst affected areas.... here's the bit behind the step into the cab, trying to work out if it's an MOT failure and you can see a hole in the foot well too i'll be ordering the panel soon. then the window sills need some attention luckily i'm replacing these windows anyway as the quarter lights are knackered. cleaned up the front dash and put in the new ignition main bit of the floor is solid just on the corners need a bit of work found this in the back and sorted it out (rust treated and fibreglassed, will probably buy a new one in the future) then some new parts arrived..... picked up a small mig today too so hopefully some things will start to happen i'll get pics up of the wings too as they're both a bit poorly and the sills may need a little work too..
  7. 1969 T2 Baywindow

    just had it up on the ramps found some lovely brown stuff under the front valance don't know if it's serious though? it's just behind the passenger step? that's where it's rusted through? so i don;t know if it's that serious it's a good foot or so away from the chassis? i'll get a pic up to see what everyone thinks
  8. 1969 T2 Baywindow

    right I received my £2.00 ignition coil from that other "bay" site we all use for parts plugged it in and after a bit of tinkerin the VAN IS ALIVE!!!! sounds ok considering it hasn;t started fir over a year i'll give it a good service now i know it works so looking promising!!
  9. 1969 T2 Baywindow

    just ordered a load of panels to play with ..... Sliding door Skin Lower rear corner (offside) battery tray rear wheel arch (offside) then i got.. accelerator pedal spring accelerator linkage kit new ignition coil as i hope this is what's causing the low spark from the leads...? cheers for the comments guys
  10. 1969 T2 Baywindow

    trying to decide on whether I should buy the whole rear corner panel only thing is I would have to convert to large rear lights instead of the smaller Old bay rear lights? but i'd have to do both then???? don't know what to do.... the other option would be to cut and fabricate to keep original any suggestions?
  11. 1969 T2 Baywindow

    sorry to hear about your dad man he'd be proud of you for continuing the work keep it up fella
  12. 1969 T2 Baywindow

    cheers man well alot of work but with one toddler and another on the way in dec there's planty of time plus i get to refresh my welding....if i can remember how!! haha was a good price
  13. 1969 T2 Baywindow

    Right I payed.......................................... ............................................ 0.00 for it all he wants is to use it for a weekend when it's done now that his eye problem has got better he can now drive again
  14. 1969 T2 Baywindow

    good guess not quite
  15. 1969 T2 Baywindow

    Hey everyone, well I finally got it!! been 5 years in trying to convince the owner to sell it to me! he's a close friend, he sent it down toa local joiner for the interior to be made over 4 years ago but unfortunately fell ill and told he'd never drive again, so he offered to joiner to buy the van with MOT and lookin much better than it does now, the guy said yes and 4 years on he hasn't payed a penny and my friend is still the registered owner, now the guy has been evicted due to not paying rent the van was abandoned having spoken to the owner of the van he has now agreed that I can have it, andsort out payment to him over the coming months so it's mine now just need to get it to my house!! here it is..... Named - Blue Bell 1969 T2 camper 80k on the clock 1600 powerhouse twinport now the worst area.... but look at it.......STUNNING ( this is a personal opinion which some may not agree ) inside......... best badge in the world!!! after getting it home, only towed for a mile up a track.. had a little clear weekend!! not too bad under all that junk either..... the van was full of sheets of 8x4 inch thick MDF so i got the materials for the inside conversion anyway here it is.... and the cockpit... the steering wheel was taken away to get at the ignition wires....i admit i hot wired it.....but no one can find the keys!! it turns over fine just doesn't fire up..... found the rear lower engine piece.....and there's a rear lid in there too!!! I met up with the owner monday to transfer documents and sort out how much he wants for it!!...... never guess how much I had to pay?? hope you all like LET THE FUN BEGIN!! Benji