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  1. Identify this engine

    It's a 9a.. Thanks for your help.
  2. Identify this engine

    It is held on with bolts, Allen bolts around the perimeter and two 10mm bolts on in the centre. I'll have a look down the back to see where it says that.
  3. Identify this engine

    Where abouts can I find where it says that??
  4. Identify this engine

    From what I've been told the engine is a standard 2.0. It has Weber alpha throttle bodies with Weber alpha ecu
  5. Identify this engine

    Hi, I've recently acquired a mk1 golf with a 2.0 16v. But I have no idea what engine it has? Anyone help me?? Is it a 9a, kr, abf? Cheers Stu
  6. mk2 golf 8v to 20vt

    Thanks mate!!! Although it might be time to shift it on
  7. mk2 golf 20vt clutch?

    Nice one cheers guys!!! Thanks for the help
  8. mk2 golf 20vt clutch?

    hey can anyone recommend a quality replacement clutch for my 02a box? currently running a vr6 clutch on a g60 fly, not up for spending big money for a paddle, ive heard sachs is pretty good or shall i just get a luk one from gsf? would me much appreciated cheers oh im running 230hp if that helps cheers
  9. Ok thanks. I looked around the alternater and I can't see any oil sludge. Can't really see anything as the inlet and exhaust manifolds are at the back of the engine
  10. I'm not sure it's a pd 140 hp 2.0 if that helps??
  11. hi guys wonder if you can help. my caddy has a blowing sound coming from around the turbo/manifold area. i had a mechanic look at it and he said its a leaking valve/actuator which is connected to the inlet manifold which would cost £600 just for the manifold with this valve thing on. has anyone else had this problem. basically id like to find out if its a common thing and is there a cheaper way to fix this instead of buying the whole manifold. any help would be grateful cheers stu
  12. caddy blower only works on no:4

    Thanks guys, got one off Gsf and it did the job
  13. my 09 caddy maxi heater/blower only works on setting no:4. ive heard something about a fuse being blown which needs soldering? does anyone know anything about this problem and would be able to direct me into the right direction to fix it? cheers