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  1. This was my fave car at edition last year. Stunning
  2. Ive always used Falkens in the past but the dunlops are meant to be very good. You're a bit limited with the 165's, think only Nankang make them in that size dont they? I know its expensive but have you considered making the fronts wider with bigger barrels? Making them 8j all round.
  3. one off custom barrels and dishes

    Tunershop do them, never used them before though
  4. Corrado VR6

  5. MK2/3 Rear axle drop plates

    Site is nothing to do with me bud, just remember spotting them the other day. Best bet is to contact them direct
  6. MK2/3 Rear axle drop plates

  7. Mk3 Cab VR6, Air & BBS

    Cant wait to see those wheels on dude
  8. 1988 polar silver mk2

    I love RS's and the car is going to look awesome with them , but it is a shame they hide the brake setup so much
  9. Golf Anni on air, staggered bsb rc

    Looks good on the new wheels bud