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  1. Shadow Blue R32

    Nothing wrong with them wheels I got them on my 3b passat
  2. MK3 Golf GL - brilledwards Build Log

    Keep it going mate I love the sounds system takes me back 15 years
  3. mk2 vr6 help needed

    Earth those two wires on the head then you should be ok it's to do the dash clocks.
  4. Passat B5.5 caliper bolt spacing?

    I paid £40 for Audi A6 2.5tdi calipers and carries 312mm on ebay
  5. Swansea specialists

    Sinclair group?
  6. Corrado VRT

    Where did you get your maf from?
  7. Mk3 vr6 12v in a mk4 4motion

    I already had the low comp pistons and rods for the 12v I could put it in the mk3 but i was thinking more power could use the 4motion.
  8. Mk3 vr6 12v in a mk4 4motion

    im not sure? i'll look in to it.
  9. Mk3 vr6 12v in a mk4 4motion

    i know that the later 12v block can use the mk4 engine mount and the gearbox will fit im just stuck with the rest of the stuff like the wiring and how the haldex will work??
  10. Hi,I'm in the middle of building my vr6 turbo engine. I wanted to know, what is needed to run 12v vr6 engine in a mk4 4motion as I want to run the haldex. I already have both cars for the conversion. Thanks J.
  11. I need a signel wossner pistion

    There the same company.
  12. I need a signel wossner pistion

    Tsr in bridgewater 01278 453036
  13. Engine balancing

    Thanks for all the replys give them a call in the week.
  14. Engine balancing

    thanks give them a call tomorrow.