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  1. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    Thanks dude, its a bit of a labour of love at the moment though. i think im going to have some big expenses when stripping the underseal and prepping it for paint next year.. i dont really have room for a roll over jig so i think im going to have to outsource that work
  2. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    Had a productive day recently, Rear brake lines are all made, fitted those that i could. Rear panel was dirty after 27 years but in great condition..i need to clean it mind Wasn't pleased to find a couple of issues though i took a good look at the mounting points and decided that i should treat what little surface rust there was and where the underseal had dried and cracked, i ground it off with this neat honeycombe angle grinder head that was enough to remove the underseal and not damage what was beneath... im going to use traditional underseal again on those bits for now... i plan on having a complete re-spray next year so will have the problem areas i identified earlier sorted then... one more summer of driving it will be fine for now. IMG_3501 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr obviously went back and primed the bits i missed
  3. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    A bit more progress, i had the beam blasted and etch primed for the princely sum of £42.. whats the point in buying all the things to do the work yourself when it can be done to such a good standard in a day! just need to get some panel wipe so i can paint it with raptor black on Friday. i prepped the mounting brackets and will raptor them too. also sat and made some brake lines for the rear on the weekend, my hands were killing after as i had to re-do the ends a few times until i remembered the technique. I then ran out of pipe and male ends, so ordered another 25ft and male ends so i can make up the long part that goes from the brake balance valve thing..forgot the name... to the rear off side. its an easy one to make, just long! Think i'll probably take friday off, set up the beam in the garage and paint it, then once its flash dried, bring it in and park it next to the radiator for a few days to fully cure.. The wife is pretty good with parts in the house
  4. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    i had a look at cleaning up the old caliper sliders but it wasn't worth it so just replaced them Refurbishing the calipers was a good decision and here's the setup ready to install, forgot to put the brembo discs in the picture though
  5. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    decided to go down the polo stub axle route. I'm keeping the mk2 calipers and carriers but putting in the polo stub axles, new hubs and bearings and new Brembo discs..nobody will notice the difference but i know its done right and i wont have to mess about with Tapered bearings again. took at trip to the scrap yard, found some nice Polos and got busy with the spanners! i only took one pic mind, i was on the floor covered in mud Got busy with the hacksaw and cut out the old bush housings on the rear axle. Pretty sure i'm going to go down the route of getting the rear axle blasted and primed then coat it in Truck Bed liner product, Powdercoating is coming in expensive and i'm not entirely sure its the best answer.
  6. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    Boot Build in the boot.. The rear beam is in need of some love from the blasters and powdercoaters! got the rotten bushes out through..man they were bad! Old(drilled so they look more ruined than that were) vs new
  7. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    Dont suppose anyone has that top part of the bracket floating about do they? i seem to have lost mine in the garage somewhere
  8. Old Man BAM - mk2 sleeper an idiots guide

    i saw your recent work on cleaning the block up on the engine...wish i had that level of dedication / foresight when i first began the conversion
  9. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    decided to finish the false floor last night. no pics of it in the car but it looks really good. Excuse the crappy phone pics! my whole thread is made up of them Mounted the AMP underneath to keep it clean ontop used some carpet underlay directly on the wood, then carpeted ontop of that, allowing time for the contact adhesive to be ready, starting the material from the middle and pushing outward came out looking like this
  10. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    thanks man, yours was a key motivator in me doing this! we need to meet up at edition next year when yours is finished so i can see all the hard work your putting in!
  11. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    na if anything it will be a Polo setup yeah you could be right.. discs, pads and bearings are only 2 years old though
  12. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    AMP is hidden away and i just need to put some thin underlay on it before carpeting it 20180113_185800 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr also got a bit bored so removed the rear axle for a refurbishment which apparently it very much needed! i don't think the rear beam has ever been off, the bushes were turning to dust! the brake line joints were a mess and the beam needs blasting and painting again. bit of a shopping list to put together but going to keep the mk2 rear disc setup for a while and replace everything that needs it..look at those nuts and the splash guards that are crumbling to dust!
  13. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    haha yes it was particularly dirty that day as i boiled over the the pasta haha..plus my wife is lazy AF and i mainly do the cleaning
  14. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    been a while since i posted and to be honest, ive been proper lazy over xmas! After xmas, i went to turn the stereo on and the battery was flat! i've got the windows wired to permanent live, so that needs to change in the next couple weeks, just to make sure this doesnt happen again. Thanks to the old man for handing down his ancient charger! this looks proper messy but ive pulled in the sub feed wire and also moved the washer bottle to the boot, routed a new feed cable and spliced the bottle into the rear line Decided it was time to sort the stereo, so ive fixed all the speaker connections and have all 6 speakers working plus i built up a false floor for a subwoofer in the boot, nothing mental..just a bit of bass to add to the tinny speakers