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  1. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    Toyo Proxies as they were on offer at £32 a tyre delivered and they are literally my spare/track wheels if i ever track it..so don't mind them scrubbing out for the price
  2. 20 Valve Corrado

    well this is lovely! i'd love a corrado!
  3. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    Got some tyres fitted to the refurbished RA's and went to bed them in, lovely! the fronts are spaced out due to the brakes needing clearance. I'll sort rear spacing at some point when the rear beam is refurbished. Also made a start on splitting the RS's for new 1" lips on the front to replace the 0.5" ones.
  4. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    i quite like the hammerite stuff as you literally paint it on with a brush and its well gloopy, feels more like a proper underseal
  5. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    love it, will keep an eye on this!
  6. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    Hammerite Under Body Seal, i have a tin of it from when i did the bottom of the front subframe for added protection over the paint. I also have a can of waxoil spray that i'll spray onto the area too, this will give it another layer of protection. I'm open to recommendations on other products though if people have had good exeperiences
  7. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    So Yesterday i decided to change the fuel straps..heres how it went down. Basic process here is to undo the singular strap and work on that area (mounting points) then use your trolley jack and a length of wood to support the tank while you undo the other straps and work off of those. Once your mounting areas are clear and ready, you can bolt on the new straps loosly so that everything is held in place and you then just need to torque everything up once your new under seal is dry (24 hours later). This is a one man job and took me about 2 1/2 hours but u did grind things back and treat/paint items.. a straight swap will take you 40 minutes. So the steps: Ground back the wax from the first mount as it was showing some signs of cracking on the top. this is what i came up against...not bad! i ground back all the rust that was on the surface and treated it chemically. then primed it Then once that was dry i under sealed it the main mount was in great condition. just a little chemical treatment, primed and undersealed the old straps were a bit crusty as you can see New ones in their packaging Loosly fitted so it held the tank but allowed the under seal to set over night
  8. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    speaking to a few mk2 owners on the club forum, they suggest that its a rear bumper off, then a thin wire up into the drain pipe, enough to break the block.. then i'll use some mr muscle as its a plastic line and wont perish anything. that should clear it out without getting anything stuck in there... alternatively buy a nice long bit of pipe cleaner stuff that kids have at school and run it completely through Bumpers coming off anyway just to make access a bit easier for the rear beam jobs in my little garage
  9. BMW M3 Ceramic Pro

    yeah those wheels are something else! top job, cant believe it was so marred from the dealer!
  10. 75 marinogelb swallowtail

    fingers crossed it comes back in one piece!
  11. how has the braided clutch line been? i fancy getting rid of the hard line and moving over to this but cant find much feedback online at all
  12. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    Car is now off the road for Winter. Got a list of jobs to do but also need to go over the car thoroughly and see what else needs doing: Replace fuel tank straps with stainless straps (Purchased), the originals are looking a bit grotty Remove the rear beam and mounts - refurbish/powder coat/truck bed line it for extended durability PolyBush the rear end Replace rear brake lines with braided Refurbish rear brakes if required Replace splash guards if required Clear out the rear sunroof drains Remove any cracked/peeling under seal and replace (check for any rust in those places) Upgrade the hydraulic clutch line to a HEL braided one (i don't like the hard line) Split the BBS RS' and fit wider front Lips - look at fitting wider rear but not a priority. Refurbish BBS RA's Purchase some good Tyres for the RA's identify why i had a high tyre wear on the front right and resolve it (potential Camber/Toe issue)
  13. Ford recaro into mk2

    damn pics no longer work!
  14. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    found a little ebay gem lastnight and won them for £30
  15. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    yeah this morning was nice, a bit misty but dry and cold and it felt great. The radiator upgrade has worked so well, general water temp is spot on and the oil temp is managed much more effectively. On a spirited drive last night it hovered at 98 degrees with a peak of 106, i'm very happy with that driving range. Final show / Second show of the year this weekend, car needs a thorough clean after being in the garage for the last few weeks