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  1. 75 marinogelb swallowtail

    fingers crossed it comes back in one piece!
  2. how has the braided clutch line been? i fancy getting rid of the hard line and moving over to this but cant find much feedback online at all
  3. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    Car is now off the road for Winter. Got a list of jobs to do but also need to go over the car thoroughly and see what else needs doing: Replace fuel tank straps with stainless straps (Purchased), the originals are looking a bit grotty Remove the rear beam and mounts - refurbish/powder coat/truck bed line it for extended durability PolyBush the rear end Replace rear brake lines with braided Refurbish rear brakes if required Replace splash guards if required Clear out the rear sunroof drains Remove any cracked/peeling under seal and replace (check for any rust in those places) Upgrade the hydraulic clutch line to a HEL braided one (i don't like the hard line) Split the BBS RS' and fit wider front Lips - look at fitting wider rear but not a priority. Refurbish BBS RA's Purchase some good Tyres for the RA's identify why i had a high tyre wear on the front right and resolve it (potential Camber/Toe issue) Braided clutch line upgrade
  4. Ford recaro into mk2

    damn pics no longer work!
  5. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    found a little ebay gem lastnight and won them for £30
  6. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    yeah this morning was nice, a bit misty but dry and cold and it felt great. The radiator upgrade has worked so well, general water temp is spot on and the oil temp is managed much more effectively. On a spirited drive last night it hovered at 98 degrees with a peak of 106, i'm very happy with that driving range. Final show / Second show of the year this weekend, car needs a thorough clean after being in the garage for the last few weeks
  7. Rob, what steering wheel is that? 300mm?
  8. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    Cooling sorted, plumbed, bled..ready to drive! now for some dry weather
  9. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    started looking at a releasable steering wheel for some additional security. Found that you can get short steering wheel hubs from NRG https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/brands/nrg-innovations/nrg-volkswagen-mk1-mk2-short-hub.html quick release: https://drivenrg.com/collections/quick-release-gen-2-5 i think something like a MOMO tuner wheel would work nicely .. anyone got this kit on their car? with a wheel it will work out to be about £300 all in... about the same as getting a Toad CAT1 alarm fitted.....
  10. Simple Stance, 2001 6N2 16v 100bhp

    yeah agreed, looks great now
  11. Mk2 TFSI

    great project! well done to you sir
  12. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    keeping the thread alive. painted my intercooler pipes and fitted a new larger radiator. Just waiting on the fan bracket so that i can add the fan and fill it up with coolant again.
  13. hands down the best mk3 out there, really classy and well executed
  14. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    i will take you up on that! another day...more parts. my oil cooler pipe is split slightly, must have been from when i changed the cooler and the pipes were old/brittle. Also picked up an oil cap tower from the dealer for a tenner so that my oil cap no fits into the engine cover properly Also sprayed my intercooler pipes black lastnight the polished look was poor after not cleaning them for a while...plus...sod cleaning in the engine bay if i can help it.
  15. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    Well i just had the original wheels refurbished so might just stick with what they are for now. ive got the rear beam to strip and refurbish this winter anyway literally the only things i had to buy were a new 90 degree reducer from turbo to charge pipe and i opted to have a plenum adapter so that i wasn't putting a small port inlet onto the large port head, the adapter is just there to transition that change and reduce the air disturbance. ii use Flickr so its all on there somewhere and the adapter was about £40 i think.