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  1. The bane of my existence

    Lovelly motor matey
  2. Project 13 Darkdoob

    I pretty much sussed it cos im awesome
  3. Project 13 Darkdoob

    That guy looks familiar Thats looks well easy, bet I could of done that on my own Epic FTW
  4. twin turbo idea

    I know a lot of the guys with tdi's use very large VNT turbos. Mite be worth looking at a large VNT turbo,or twin turbo VNT's. These are great for spool up times and with the right control setup are great addition to get rid of turbo lag. The other option is to use a Mega squirt system and setup an anti lag system, with a 5th injector in the exhaust manifold. These can kill turbos prematurely tho
  5. Hi guys im new to the forums ive got a mk2 gti H reg running a kr 16v. Im overhauling it now and I want to change the fuelling system on it. I want to get some bike carbs for it. Im sure there are loads of threads on bike carb setups, but I want to setup it up without ECU controlled ignition. Is it possible to revert the KR back to an old fashioned pre-ecu controlled ignition system? OR is it better to use the ECU controlled ignition. Im new to the forums so im not sure on my way around here yet( ) so if you guys have any threads on bike carb setups on the kr could you post some up dudes. I just need a list of bits I need and setup methods. Thanks again, sorry for the lame question..btw this forum rocks nice work:) decoc