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  1. Straight Outta Kempton 2017

    Few pics of mine here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/31706758@N04/
  2. West Side VW Show pics..

    Hey Guys. Some of my pics on line. You are more than welcome to download if your car is in any of my pictures. https://flic.kr/s/aHskEif747 WEST SIDE VW SHOW 2016-77 by morganvw1, on Flickr WEST SIDE VW SHOW 2016-78 by morganvw1, on Flickr WEST SIDE VW SHOW 2016-57 by morganvw1, on Flickr
  3. If anyone wants any of them, you can download off my Flickr account. https://www.flickr.com/gp/31706758@N04/4X30c1 Scott.
  4. Stonor Park, May 31st

  5. Audi RS4 - Project stealth

    Loved this build thread
  6. Project Nasty Bas***d!

    Just finished editing the video for Lee Malyon´╗┐'s MK5 on air... Hope you all like. https://vimeo.com/107282259
  7. 1.4 16V on bike carbs conversion- Throttle problem.

    Do you have any pics I could look at m8
  8. I currently have this set up in my Arosa but I can only get 10-15% throttle, basically when I depress the throttle it will only open the butterfly valves a little amount. Don't know what to do to move the pivot point to make them open more. Any suggestions Guys?
  9. Golf II GTD

    Fair play that is stunning !!
  10. Hey guys/girls, Thought I would post up a few pics I took today. MANY MORE TO BE FOUND @: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?id=555970152&tid=210510725643416&skipClustering=false&qn=f495b68bcecbcd43c56931752099b589&uploader=flash_pro&success=6&failure=0&photo_order%5B0%5D=10152827922455153&photo_order%5B1%5D=10152827924395153&photo_order%5B2%5D=10152827923070153&photo_order%5B3%5D=10152827923540153&photo_order%5B4%5D=10152827923930153&photo_order%5B5%5D=10152827925390153&waterfallStats%5BuploadTime%5D=58767&waterfallStats%5BuploadNumTotal%5D=6&waterfallStats%5BuploadBytes%5D=9193156&waterfallStats%5BuploadBandwidth%5D=156.4339850596423&set=oa.614081481953003
  11. Auto Mk3 Golf...teehee

    Awesome sleeper !!
  12. E1K @ Basingstoke - Festival Place

    Hey Guys/Girls. Looks like its going to be a good turn out tomorrow. Hoping to see you all there. Remember Junction 6 just past Fleet services where No - Rice use to be. We have 500 places... lets get them filled !! Scott.
  13. Hi Guys/Gals Well its a new year and a new season and I am hoping to have as good a turn out as last year. The first meeting this year was in Newbury due to restrictions @ festival Place but we are back as usual. There is no need to be driving a VW or VAG car to attend the meeting, just to have an appreciation of the VAG brand. The meeting is held usually on the top deck of the festival Place Car Park. Level 5, car park C We usually get between 20 - 40 cars attending but there is room for a massive 500 LOL as the whole of the top deck is reserved for the meeting. As always I ask that if you attend please remember all tyre squeeling echoes around the car park and so does the noise of the engines so please take it easy as this has been picked up before and we have been warned. Please see our Facebook Page and come and join in the fun we have every month. See you all soon. Scott. Festival Place Festival Way, RG21 7BA Basingstoke elite 1000 face book page.