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  1. Budget Tyres

    My mates gf's brand new Audi A3 came with them on too. I asked him the same question when I noticed them!
  2. Budget Tyres

    I had Yoko's on the same car before these and found them terrible. The rear end used to slide/loose traction so easily! Very happy with the Falkens. Just my opinion in having both. For the extra money, id have the Falkens.
  3. Budget Tyres

    On my car I have (19'') 275/30/19 rear and 2**/35/19 fronts. I purchased the new Falken 510's and they are great tyres! Grip a lot better to previous tyres ive had and they have very good ratings too. Maybe worth checking out.
  4. tinting rear lights

    Why not just Lamin-x them?
  5. Starting up Rallye after 3 years

    No worries. Think you've pretty much got it covered above mate!
  6. Starting up Rallye after 3 years

    Another thing to have checked is handbrake cable (depending on how the car has been sat with the handbrake on/off). After being sat for 3 years, it will have a lot of tension built up on it.
  7. Starting up Rallye after 3 years

    Perhaps after you've changed the brake fluid, take the brake pads off the calipers and copper grease up etc where necessary and around the hubs so the wheels/rims don't stick?
  8. Worthersee 2018 the dates ?!

    Last year was my first time and we were in Worthersee on 26th-29th April and it was hammering it with Snow! This year looked epic, but it was held a bit later around mid-late May. If its the same next year, and everyone goes around that sort of time, I will definitely consider it!

    Wow.. looks great!
  10. Worthersee 6th May - 14th Video..

    Fair enough! Last year was my first year, so I wasn't too disappointed, as the experience overall of my first eurotrip was still epic! We did: London > Amsterdam > Nurburgring > Worthersee > Venice > Munich > Luxembourg City > London all in 7 days Yes, Venice is stunning. Id definitely visit again if I go back to Worthersee!
  11. Worthersee 6th May - 14th Video..

    Wow, really? Ive heard that there is a certain time when to go before all the 'chavs' turn up. I went last year, but as you probably know, it was a snow blizzard (well for the time I was there anyway), so cant imagine there was too much stupid behavior afterwards. Its such a stunning place, so its a shame people ruin it, and yes, I can understand why the locals hate us - perhaps if people actually cleaned up after themsevles and enjoyed it for what it is, there wouldnt be that problem. It looked like people were being fined left, right and centre by the Police this year too! (from what I saw on Social Media!) I didnt go this year due to other commitments, but also felt id leave it a year before going again so the novelty doesnt wear off! Kinda gutted I missed this year though. Perhaps next year now! During the snow blizzard, we decided to drive to Venice one day after breakfast as it was 26 degrees there and only a 2 hr drive away - that definitely made the trip for me I think. Grossglockner High Alpine Road is also worth the journey for stunning views up in the mountains!
  12. Worthersee 6th May - 14th Video..

    Looks epic this year!
  13. Machine polishing in Bucks area

    Give Nav a shout from Birklean Detailing - 07808 787 192. He is based in Harrow, so not far.
  14. That is a beautiful car.