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  1. Raced the car at Pod on Friday again. Car was missfiring up the top end, crank sensor was breaking up over 6500rpm. I spend the day messing about trying to sort it, I fitted my spare sensor which made it worse, I'm hoping the issue is just the sensor, and the spare I had was a duff. Even with issues I ran two PB's, an 11 .43 and an 11.40. Can't wait to get it sorted, and see what it does when it revs right up to 8k.
  2. apple-mobile

    Old Man BAM - mk2 sleeper an idiots guide

    How many engines are you going to build then sell before you buy a Vr6?
  3. https://youtu.be/L-478s7diSQ
  4. Low 10's is the end goal. As long as it stays together I don't see it being an issue getting in the 10's next time it's out as it stands. I would like to go faster than 10's, but my drive train will be right on the limit.
  5. Over due update. Got the car out to Santa pod last week, litterally turned up with it tuned to just about idle and drive, then did the rest of it with logs on the track. Had litterally no issues with the car to speak of, best run was 11.5 seconds, best MPH 128, and best 60ft was 1.62. Chassis seems to be working really good, just need to turn up the power now and see what it will really do.
  6. 100% full. That's that then. I tried Flickr before and never got in with it.
  7. It won't let me upload any other pictures....says they are too big, no matter what I do.
  8. Made up mounts for a front mounted fuel cell. It's a 1 gallon baby, I've calculated I will have enough fuel to be wide open throttle for 2 minutes. So should just about suffice. I can't find anything in FIA regs about front mounted cells to go off, but looking at NHRA I have followed their guidelines of protecting it with 1 inch tune. It will have a further bit of cage around it.
  9. I'll have to look again, but mine didnt seem to have nuts or bolts. It seemed like the case was bonded.
  10. What's holding it in place? Litterally has no bolt holes or securing points. I was thinking make a cradle and use sticky backed Velcro?
  11. Didn't know you could do that? Is yours hard wired, obd or can? I want to connect mine over can to get basic data, then hardwire for fuel pressure, and use my tablet to data log/ show other parameters. How did you secure yours?
  12. You should call this the Vanbourghini.
  13. apple-mobile

    '89 Mk2 Golf GTI 8v -> ABF -> VR6 -> VR6 Turbo

    That's looking really good, can't be much left before burnouts now?