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  1. I don't know why this crap always gets out of hand.
  2. It's a JD squared model 2, I did a load of research and it's the best 'budget' tube bender. All the cheaper center push ones are generally for pipe not tube, so it doesn't fit, and deforms the tube to much.
  3. Managed to sneak a couple of hours in this morning,
  4. I've got a sheet of copper I could use. I've been waiting to find a use for it. Shame it's so heavy, or it would be on there lol.
  5. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    Noone likes 20vts.
  6. Well I can't find a 5 door fiberglass roof anywhere and they are stupid money anyway. So either going to make my own fiberglass roof. I'm thinking of just doing aluminium like I had done with the sunroof hole, for now, and sort it out later.
  7. Bent up front down and roof bar. Bending tubes with an offset is an absolute mind f#$k.
  8. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    So glad you didn't put that God awful 1.8t engine in this despite your number plate sending you subtle hints.
  9. I generally have spurts of activity, and then probably go 2 weeks without touching it lol
  10. First car - 52' Lupo SE JDO

    Really nice work on this. To the untrained eye like mine, I would have no idea that front end isn't factory. It looks right.
  11. Second main hoop mount in place. Started to bend the main hoop, but the weather got in the way. So I've started on the mounting points on the boot floor. My plan is to get the rear part of the cage fixed in and complete, then the front bars will be built on temp mounts, then removed to weld around the top, putting the mounts in afterwards.