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  1. 100% full. That's that then. I tried Flickr before and never got in with it.
  2. It won't let me upload any other pictures....says they are too big, no matter what I do.
  3. Made up mounts for a front mounted fuel cell. It's a 1 gallon baby, I've calculated I will have enough fuel to be wide open throttle for 2 minutes. So should just about suffice. I can't find anything in FIA regs about front mounted cells to go off, but looking at NHRA I have followed their guidelines of protecting it with 1 inch tune. It will have a further bit of cage around it.
  4. I'll have to look again, but mine didnt seem to have nuts or bolts. It seemed like the case was bonded.
  5. What's holding it in place? Litterally has no bolt holes or securing points. I was thinking make a cradle and use sticky backed Velcro?
  6. Didn't know you could do that? Is yours hard wired, obd or can? I want to connect mine over can to get basic data, then hardwire for fuel pressure, and use my tablet to data log/ show other parameters. How did you secure yours?
  7. You should call this the Vanbourghini.
  8. '89 Mk2 Golf GTI 8v -> ABF -> VR6 -> VR6 Turbo

    That's looking really good, can't be much left before burnouts now?
  9. Finally welded the windscreen bars up, and mocked up where the new dashboard is going to sit. I will be making an aluminium dashboard.
  10. Thanks is a really nice clean way to do this install.
  11. Few people have done it before, some have been ok, a few have had heating issues. I will still be using a header tank so will have a bit more volume should help . Its only going to be used on the strip anyway, so shouldn't effect me.
  12. Civic half rad mounted. I've decided to ditch the Air to water intercooler, and go air to air. Just because it's simpler. It's a massive 4 inch thick core.
  13. Decided to do a Nascar style windscreen bar, just because. I do want to build an out and out racecar, it's never going to be the fastest, so I would rather put some time into style. I'm probably going to go further down this Nascar idea, whatever that will entail. The seat was previously mounted to the standard subframe chopped up....the think must have weighed 15+kg. So I've maid a start on fixed mounts, the rear one is done, which is now all in place, ran out of gas before I could complete the front. The seat will also be bolted to the cage at the back, and possibly the side. As I was bored, with nothing else better to do, I've made the dimple die gussets for the A pillar.