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  1. This looks like a really awesome route to take. Looking forward to seeing the outcome.
  2. Mid 400's at a guess. Will probably get on the dyno again sometime next year. I'm going to just leave the engine as is at the minute, I'm buying bits at the minute to do some work this winter to get it putting power down, before I turn it up again.
  3. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    Once you take the engine out the polo, burn what's left. Horrible little things.
  4. If the weather is good, I'll be down perranporth the weekend before too, if it makes it to both would be a miracle!
  5. Yeah I have done. I will probably be at the next one too.
  6. It's great, feels really positive. I don't even have it on the short throw setting either.
  7. Apparently someone reported him for dangerous driving, and not wearing a seatbelt....which the police used his videos as evidence against him.
  8. I know who you mean, and feel just a little offended. Classic tyre fitter that guy.
  9. I know, I'm really gutted. Still, always next year huh. At least means the car will still be running in 2 weeks, local track is open, and I'm determined to take the fwd record.
  10. After all the hard work I've put into getting this ready for VW action, my trailer has let me down, and I can't get it there. I'm so disappointed. So I will be attending with plenty of Gin, and many 'if my car was here's stories.
  11. Typical couldn't get hold of head bolts or a head gasket today, so I've had to rebuild it with the old ones. What could possibly go wrong. All back up and running today, didn't get chance to test drive, will do in the week.
  12. Yesterday.. final drive to check the tune, and ended up with a load of smoke, bad idle etc. Low compression cylinder 5, stripped it today and found busted ringlands. I've got spare pistons, so hopefully be back together tomorrow night.
  13. Mk2 caddy Tdi Van.

    You have some epic dogs
  14. The hyd handbrake has really beaten me up, first I plumbed it up wrong (lol) then everything leaked, and it took 3 trips to the shops to finally get the right parts. But it's sorted now, back in it's wheels and ready for a test drive.