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  1. Dry's Jetta

    Oh yeah they look ace!
  2. My MK1 golf

    Looks good! What are the plans?
  3. how do you remove a rear screen?

    Yes it is quite straight forward, first unplug the wires for the heated screen. Then start at a corner and fold back the rubber seal from the inside you want the seal to come out with the glass. While doing this gently push the window outwards, you can use a lever of some sort to help but be very careful! The window should start to come away from the frame, slowly work around the window pushing gently until its out and try not to drop it. To refit it is slightly different, lay a thin cord/rope within the window seal but miss out one corner. The corner with no cord will allow you to slot the window frame into the seal. So lay the glass complete with seal on top of the tailgate and insert the window frame into the rubber seal where there is no rope. Then pull the rope from the inside while keeping the glass in the right place. By pulling down on the rope it will fold the rubber seal over the lip of the frame continue around the entire window and it should be back in. If you take your time and are gentle it should not break!
  4. My 1985 Mk2 GL

    Loving that!!
  5. donald the mk2 driver

    I like this alot!
  6. Cope's GTI

    Great car, please leave it as it is. There arent to many that are this original. Also i need my spots to look that good, where would i find Becca's guide?
  7. Removing Exhaust Manifold

    Take smaller socket and hammer it on. Normally works a treat. However the last time i removed my exhaust manifold i spent 2 hours lying flat on my back with 2 inches of a hack saw blade in order to cut a slot and then broke it with a chisel.
  8. donald the mk2 driver

    Im gonna wait right here till those pics pop up.
  9. donald the mk2 driver

    Super nice, how many are fully built now?
  10. # Adz's Florida Blue 1979 Mk1 Golf :)

    That looks sweet! What wheels you planning on?
  11. Banded Steels

    I will second that^^^
  12. Black MK1 Golf

    Such a nice car! Those wheels just look right on it.
  13. Nice tyres for 6x14 rims

    Im running 165/60's on my P-slots. I still wanted to maintain a good crusing speed but i needed narrow tires to reduce the arch rubbing.
  14. Early MK2 GTi

    Love it, it looks like a real nice example! But if it were mine i would put the standard rear lights back on and paint the bit under the grill white to match the body colour.
  15. coilovers siezed

    You could try some normal freeing oil/spray. But wire brush the threads below the locking rings first. and if you do get them moving then stick a load of copper grease on the threads and this should stop um from seizing again.