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  1. vw garages specialists... leicester east mids area

    Il look them up mate cheers
  2. Easy peeps. Does any one kno any good vw specialist garage round east mids lesta area. Want to get rough idea on prices for engine conversion cheers H
  3. gti fest sunday 5th oct

    Il be goin..
  4. Home Polishing Thread

    loving them pepper pots
  5. Westside Treffen 2k13 - 29th Sept

    do kids get in free??? if so up to what age group??
  6. Red Rear Lights

    yo! pojy that spare part shop near belgrave flyover ( forgot what ther flippin name is ) they do em.
  7. Red Rear Lights

    green.. ive had freinds use green bulbs in the past with all red rears an the light omitted is like an amber
  8. Mattie and his MK1 Caddy Project

    got the bumper of me mate.. your trucks come a long way mate well done an keep up the good work
  9. arthur daily

    easi peeps.. got this as a winter run around few months back plan was use it through the colder months then sell on but in all fairness im quite attached to it now.. had an 80 when i was bout 17 (few years ago now) swore id never touch another as the car was no end of trouble. well 20 years on an here i go again!!
  10. projectlow

    looks cool as mate
  11. projectlow

  12. The old B*tch

    very nice

    think i need to get out more hopfully see you next week peeps
  14. Audi 80 type 81

    way too cool, looks awesome mate whats it lowered on now. sits well. need to start a build thread on mine
  15. paint removal of chrome window trim

    easy peeps.. at some point someone has de chromed my car an painted over the chrome window seals with a matt satin black. is there anything that can be used to get rid of the paint an bring the chrome back to life. the seals are plastic coated so wouldnt want to damage.. cheers for any info