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  1. 1975 Golf Mk1

    Centras look good. Whole car is amazing..
  2. 1980 mk1 s1 1.3 gls

    Man this is so sick! I would love to find a car like this.. one day maybe! Good luck with it, it already looks smashing
  3. joel's mk1 golf project

    Great start man!
  4. My stretchy and pokey mk2 project

    You know your wheels stick out of the car? Is it supposed to be like that? and also it looks like it might be too close to the ground? Is the suspension broken or something? I guess it's an old car so probably..
  5. Weller swapsies (2 for 2)

    Having two tabs open has resulted in this going in the wrong section can it please be moved? cheers
  6. Weller swapsies (2 for 2)

    Basically I have 4 13x8 weller wheels and I was wondering if anyone would wanna swap who had 7's and like me.. wanted to stagger them? They are the newer style made in January last year and I'm located in Chester, North West. I will get some pics asap Cheers
  7. Just another mk1 golf.. Nothing to see here

    Amazing work. This is gonna be a shredder when it's done!