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  1. G60 no spark

    All sorted hall sender plug was different layout to the one removed ( late, dark and tired) Running sweet again now
  2. G60 no spark

    Hi been repairing brittle wires and plugs on my g60, also moved the battery to the boot Cleaned each earth as I went Now gone to start the car again (ran fine before) all ignition lights come on and the fuel pump primes but I'm not having any spark from the coil . Checked though the dizzy cap and straight out the coil lead . Coil is getting power reading and battery is fully charged Just after any pointers really , like how to test the hall sender ? And anything else to check I have a feeling it maybe the switched earth from the ECU or hall sender and want to check both but not sure how yet
  3. VAG-abonds Unite

    Can't wait
  4. Friend has a 51 plate ibiza (common cupra turbo shape) and gear box is screwed what gearboxes will fit ? Are they the same as mk4 1.6?
  5. Re dying leather interior

    Looking for info/tips and products for re dying leather interior Any help would be good
  6. Seen a non sunroof roof on a mk2 Jetta coupe (write off) wondered if its the same as a normal mk2 golf 2 door
  7. Converting cable speedo to electronic

    That's what I thought I have the while set up in my g60 in breaking
  8. 1990 Corrado 1.8 16v o2a gearbox LSD help

    Heard wave track are good , looking in to this too
  9. Hi there speedo cables snapped on my Corrado and can't find one anywhere I have a electronic gearbox pic up and dash cluster from a later model but still pre mk3 style stalks I was wondering does the speedo run through the ECU on the electronic or direct to dash?
  10. Throttle hesitation 16v Corrado/golf

    Checked all vacuum pipes, cleaned and checked body to manifold, no leaks or cracks, timings spot on , wasn't playing up at the time of checking as its only now and then, metering heads clean and free, all inlet pipes spot on, ECU is dry and clean, dizzy and ignition parts new, knock sensor is unknown looks to be ok,
  11. Right then guys and girls, have a Corrado 16v same as a mk2 golf Thing with it is usually its drives fine smooth progressive throttle and can poodle along then if needed given a full boot ful and hard acceleration no problems. But! Then sometimes the throttle won't seem to react to gentle acceleration until a certain point where you get a sudden jolt and power comes in suddenly (if leave in the same point of jolting it will kangaroo like a learner) . And at the same time if foots planted I will get pinking from the engine! If acceleration is given gently no pinking. Usually have to accelerate to high revs gently and then change gear and all is fine again. Could this be throttle body/switches its as if timings changing and fuelling not correct. Bit of a hard one to explain unless its witnessed but hope this can be understood ! Thanks
  12. porsche door handles

    If your on Facebook I have done an album on the conversion if you need it
  13. What is the black plug on dash (Corrado)

    So still no final answer just more annoyed rado owners :/ it's bloody annoying
  14. Best place for BBS lips?

    If you sell you 2.5" dishes let me know