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  1. RS6 plus # 126

    Sounds like an animal mate! Such a nice car, love that its not shouting that it has over 750bhp as well, very understated in their looks. Love it!
  2. RS6 plus # 126

    Just gets better! Great choice
  3. RS6 plus # 126

    Wish I went to inters now! Speedlines would look very nice, I presume you want to stay with OEM Audi wheels?
  4. RS6 plus # 126

    You the man. Seriously awesome car, and love that if something needs doing you do it no expense spared! Enjoy your trip
  5. Early Edition

    I like how people could just walk off the street without paying and get in the at the gate near the show and shine...
  6. Looks cool! like the red carbon. My mate used to own them rota's
  7. Pretty sure this was mapped at r-Tech in hinckley, Leicestershire.
  8. Mk2 Golf 1.3 - My Baby ^_^

    Exactly! Your gonna have more fun drving a vr, if you abf you'll just be gutted listning to all them millions of vavles screaming at you. vr6 ftw!
  9. Mk2 Golf 1.3 - My Baby ^_^

    VR for sure! you cant turn down that noise!!!
  10. Mk2 Golf 1.3 - My Baby ^_^

    They would suite the car well i reckon, i cant work out if there cheap or not really cause they need tyres etc Dan
  11. Mk2 Golf 1.3 - My Baby ^_^

    Sweet looking car, got lots of potential for sure! Triple L is spot on for the wheel choice , then again i do love wellers! Dan