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  1. 8v, Mk2, GTI, Blue

    That would be my favourite, my main concern is that if I cant get a G60 to run properly, how would i do an r32 haha
  2. 8v, Mk2, GTI, Blue

    Finally think I'm close to the giving up point. Engine is persistant to never run correctly and unfortunately just don't know enough about these engines. Looking at other potential engine options, any good suggestions that are not a VR6 or a 1.8turbo.
  3. 8v, Mk2, GTI, Blue

    Cheers only done about 50miles this year They are RM025 15x7.5 et19 standard. The rears have 2.5 inch dishes to make then 8.5. 185/45/15 tyres all round and the eibach camber shims off ebay on the back
  4. 8v, Mk2, GTI, Blue

    Tooked away all the headlight loom down the chassis leg. Removed wiring that wasn't needed for stuff I removed. Hid the engine wires anywhere possible. Removed my power steering aswell to make it that bit tidier.
  5. 8v, Mk2, GTI, Blue

    Ooooo what price are you looking at?
  6. 8v, Mk2, GTI, Blue

    Hi mate, i repinned the connections due to old age and getting a poor connection. Then wire tucked it all so my bay is tidier.
  7. 8v, Mk2, GTI, Blue

    Been working on the wiring loom so now the car is almost back on the road. Also bought this renown steering wheel. Not really feeling it so if anyone is interested please drop a message. Cheers Alex
  8. 8v, Mk2, GTI, Blue

    Been a not so busy 5 months in regards to this car up until the previous two weeks, Along with the car being stored in Leicester whilst living in Bristol until October time a broken leg was then the next obstacle up until christmas so I've had no real time or opportunity to solve this. I opened the door of this car for the first time two weeks ago to pretend it still had a hope of being fixed. I cleaned my garage out after two years and its now inside. Its tight but its not being rained on!! Got started on fixing it from edition, found what I suspected it to be being a broken wire to a major sensor being the downfall. The live wire into this sensor was cracked around the casing so cut it and stripped it back and repined the connector. Assumed it was this from previous issues in amsterdam in 2014 from it spluttering and breaking down from the blue sensor failure. It appears that if the sensor is failing it splutters but will start, but if the sensor isn't connected it won't start. The only other alternative is that if the sensor is broke it will start then once unplugged you can run on a base map. My car was giving the occasional splutter even though the sensor was brand new so had to be the wire. Now works and starts first time but was idling slight off still. This seemed be due to the sensor on the butter valve body being disconnected which must of been unplugged in the rashness of attempting a fix inside the edition snowfield. this plugged back in a running as should be. Started on restoring the bodywork plastics Began to do some wire hiding and moving stuff to give clean chassis legs. The wiring has never looked great on this bay since I rushed it in so this is my main task up until Ultimate Dubs. Never had a rev gauge working since I made the swap and some advise in the technical help earlier and turns out I had it on the wrong terminal on my coil. Also if anyone has or knows of one of these steering wheels for sale please contact me. Cheers Alex
  9. B3LSY Air'd 32

    Love the simplicity of this car that makes it so perfect. well executed changes.
  10. G60 converted mk2 Golf Rev Gauge

    Worked a treat cheers!
  11. G60 converted mk2 Golf Rev Gauge

    Thats great thank you! Ive split into the green/black wire from G1/12 back at the start of the loom at the fuse board and ran that to the positive terminal. so should be able to just move it across to the negative. See if it works. The help is much appreciated.
  12. G60 converted mk2 Golf Rev Gauge

    Ok great thank you. So i basically run a wire from the coil earth and then cut that back into the wiring loom into the green/black wire from G1/12
  13. Hi all, I carried out a 1.8 8v G60 conversion out of a corrado on my '91 plate mk2 golf just over two years ago. Its had many problems which have been resolved. Ive never been able to get the rev gauge to work. I did some research and had a look on this website. http://www.a2resource.com/electrical/CE2.html It seems to suggest its location G1/12 as its a corrado loom not a mk2 loom. From what I've been told and found it suggests wiring in from this connection in the fuse board and then running this to a live terminal on coil. I have tried this but still no luck. Surely someone on this forum has had to carry this out and could point me in the right direction. Help! Cheers Alex