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  1. Key help

    Its a mk4 golf.
  2. Key help

    Jesus is out the window as it is delocked.
  3. Key help

    The key fob has stopped workingnon my golf and i cant get in without climbing through the boot. The fob does send a signal out but the car dosnt pick it up. Can i reprogram the key to sinc up with the car? When i do get in i can start it and drive but just not lock it on the fob and the doors are delocked so only option it through the boot! I dont have another key so i cant try: ingition on, lock from outside press the button whilst facing east, eating a cheese and tomato sandwich made by jesus technique. Does anyone know of any other ideas????
  4. Fault code 17964

    Has my turbo gone? Its on a mk4 gt tdi. Any help will be greatly appericiated. Tom
  5. Mk 4 Golf roll bar links

    Ive been slowly lowering my gf's gti but now need some different links so the roll bar dosnt wear through the drive shaft. Where abouts can you get these? and has anyone out there got them fitted? what are they like?